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Monday, May 6, 2013


This is the time of the year when I’m doing a lot of outdoor dreamin’.  The way I see it, if I’m going to dream, I might as well dream big.  So…I’ve been perusing my Hometalk and Pinterest “Outdoor” boards a lot lately.  Today, I’m sharing some photos from those boards with you.  Each photo links to the site where it originated. I hope you’ll just sit back and enjoy some outdoor dreamin’ with me. 


Charleston Daily Photo via Pinterest


Whimsical Raindrop Cottage Tumbler via Pinterest


Hospitality Designs via Hometalk

Houzz via Pinterest


Traditional Home via Pinterest


Funky Junk Donna via Hometalk


TreeHouse Company via Pinterest

Southern Living via Pinterest

Home Bunch via Pinterest


Confessions of a Plate Addict via Hometalk


Lady Gray Dreams Tumbler via Pinterest


HGTV Rate My Space via Pinterest


Crooks and Nannies Tumbler via Pinterest


Stockpiling Moms via Hometalk


Houzz via Pinterest



I Spy With My Salad Eyes Tumbler via Pinterest


This picture of our climbing rose is from a recent post on my blog.  I added this, because several people asked what it was.  (Besides, it’s the only dreamy thing in our yard).

There is so much inspiration on Hometalk and Pinterest.  If I had posted all of my outdoor dreaming from my boards, it would have taken days for my blog post to load on your computer!  If you’d like to check them out, there are links to both sites on my sidebar. If your photo is on this post, and you want it removed, please email me, and I will immediately remove it.  Also, if your photo is on this post, and you would like to post the “Laurie borrowed from my blog” button, please feel free to copy it from my sidebar. Thank you for joining me in my dreams. laurie

I am linking to Inspire Me Tuesday at A Stroll Thru Life.