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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


What did bloggers do before Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) started hosting a tablescape posting each week? She's got bloggers running to flea markets and garage sales all over the country to buy china and centerpieces! Not me though. Unfortunately, I've been buying this stuff for years, and I'm just going to warn ya'll, it is a disease that will infect your entire house, and just speaking from experience, it is not a curable disease! (Is there a "Plates Anonymous" group?)

My little contribution to Tablescape Thursday this week is a REAL mixture! I have used gold chargers, paper plates, plastic food containers, popcorn, peanuts, and boxes of candy. I've mixed red and white with burgundy and gold. I've used very formal with very informal. Can you get any more mixed up than this? Probably not, but then you've probably already guessed that I am one mixed up lady! After that description, I'm sure you just can't wait to scroll down and see this tablescape.

Since the Academy Awards are coming up soon, I have partially recreated an Academy Awards themed fund raiser we hosted one time. (I'm not going to tell you how long ago it was, because your jaw would hit your keyboard if you knew how long I had kept all of this stuff!)

This tablecloth is actually an old drapery that reminded me of the curtains hanging on each side of the screen in old movie theaters.

The "movie reels" held rope lights that I bought for Christmas one year.
For some reason, my award is only the top half of Oscar, so I used some gold Christmas decor fabric around the bottom of him. (I know, it looks like I'm trying to hide his "you know what", but his "you know what" really isn't there!)

The plastic popcorn boxes contain a few sprigs of flowers that survived from my tablescape last week (I put a plastic bag around the flowers for filler and covered it with some popcorn)

As the guests arrived, they were each assigned a star's name, and their place card reflected the name of that star. Each of the female guests received a feather boa and each male guest received a bow tie to wear during dinner. Very large sunglasses were available for anyone who wanted to try to avoid the paparazzi.

Are you getting tired of seeing my old stand-by...the paper plate under a glass plate? (I really do have stacks of dishes, but none of them are movie-related) I couldn't find any movie themed paper plates , so I put a few movie stickers on white paper plates.

A plastic server (they used to serve fries in these at drive-in movie theaters) (yeah, I know, I'm telling my age again- I do NOT want any of you young people to leave a comment asking what a drive-in movie was).

Plastic hot dog servers hold the napkins, which have star napkin rings around them.

If you go to Between Naps on the Porch, you'll see links to wonderful tablescapes (which I'm sure are very coordinated and match beautifully).

A note from my friend, Susie, who so graciously let us tour her home and come to her Valentine party on my blog last week (I added all of the good stuff about me!):

I don't even know where to begin to say thank you to all those who responded so generously to my Valentine party that Laurie Eve co-hosted..(well, she did narrate it.).and she was the best tour guide anyone could ever have. I told her she could make a root canal sound fun with her winning way with words. I know the pics could have been very average at best ,and you would have said those wonderful things just because you love Laurie so much! Well, I have known her for about 57 years, so I do have an edge on you there. She has always been a dear and a kindred spirit to she has grown to be with you.I adore going to her home to visit-it is a treasure trove of love and creativity.Once I spent the night upstairs, and I fully expected Marmie to walk in and tuck me know Laurie would make a great Jo with her writing skills.Thank you all for the warm, encouraging words about our made my week..Love you, Laurie Eve! Susie

My sweet, gentle friend, Susie, actually threatened me if I didn't use her entire note just as she sent it to me.
Yes, my middle name is "Eve", but nobody (including Susie) has ever actually called me Laurie Eve. For some unknown reason, Susan Eloise just started using my middle name in emails.

As always, thank you so very much for coming to visit my blog. laurie