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Monday, October 18, 2010


There have been times, during our 41 years of marriage, when my husband has implied that I somehow attract odd events.  I’m not sure if that is true, but I do know that I frequently have wonderfully quirky things happen in my life. 

On our recent mini road trip, I had a few experiences that might seem a little strange (at least my husband thought they were strange – maybe he’s the one who is odd!).  The first experience occurred when we went to see a “soon to be opened” grain mill that is being converted to a shopping area and event venue.  When we pulled up, there were no other vehicles in the parking lot.  I jumped out of the car and snapped a few photos of the exterior (I’m such a good blogger).  I pushed the door and was surprised to find it unlocked (insert music from the “Twilight Zone” series here – oops! I bet a lot of you don’t remember that series!) 

mill mosWorkers were preparing to host a dinner for the local Chamber of Commerce to advertise their new venture.  They assured us it was okay for us to look around.  I spotted a lady setting up antiques in one of the rooms, so of course, I wandered into that room. (I know you are shocked that I was drawn to a room full of antiques). 

I’ve been looking for some cobalt stemware, and I spotted some on the table she was “scaping”.  I picked up a piece of the stemware, and she asked if I was interested in purchasing them.  I replied that, I knew she wasn’t open for business, and I didn’t want to bother her.  She told me I could purchase the stems for $2.00 each, and since she wasn’t set up for transactions, I wouldn’t need to pay tax.  I purchased the 7 stems that she had available.  (One thing about bargain hunters – we usually end up with an odd number of tablescaping items).  My husband shook his head and remarked (a little under his breath) “only you could buy something in a store that isn’t even open yet”.  I did NOT go in that room to make a purchase, and I would NOT have asked the busy store owner to sell me something, but I DID want those goblets.

cobalt stem The next event happened at a multi-dealer antique store in Goodletsville, Tennessee.  Since this is not a tourist town [unlike Lebanon, Tennessee (see previous post)], I was doing some serious looking (and some buying) in this place.

Some of you may recall that I have a set of 7 dinner plates in the pattern “Ascot” by Wood and Sons.  (See, I told you a bargain hunter has odd numbers of tablescaping tools).  I bought the 7 plates at an estate sale years ago.  Several of the booths in this store had 50% off signs (I LOVE 50% off!). In a china cabinet in one of those booths, I found two of the Ascot plates.  Since the scenes on the plates are different, I wasn’t sure if these were some I didn’t already have, or if they were duplicates of what I already had.  At 50% off, I decided I would buy one of them whether it was a duplicate or not.  I studied the plates for a long time before making up my mind about which plate to buy (obviously, my husband was not with me while I mulled this over at my leisure..he does not wait around for any mulling!) (Does anybody say that anymore – mulled it over?  Is my oddness showing?).  I chose one of the plates, and carried it around while I browsed the remaining booths.  Just before leaving, I decided to go back and look at the other plate again – just to make sure that I had done the “mulling” right.



The booth owner had been working in her booth, and she had put a new sign on the china cabinet -- 75% off everything in cabinet!!  I stopped mulling and bought  both plates!  (Of course, I once again have an odd number of plates, but I like having an extra in case one gets broken.)

The next odd event is probably a great example of what my husband is always saying to me (in addition to “you attract odd events) – “it’s not a bargain if you don’t need it”.

I have never really even wanted gold flatware, and if I did look for some, I’m certain it wouldn’t be an ornate pattern.  “Howevah”, I was visiting with the proprietor of an antique store in Lebanon when a young couple walked in with a black case.  They asked the store owner if she’d be interested in purchasing this flatware, because they needed money for gas.  (I know that “story” is often told by people who want to buy liquor or drugs, or who are trying to get rid of stolen property, but they REALLY didn’t look like those types.)  They opened the case, and it was FULL of gold flatware.  The owner told them that she just wasn’t in the market for the flatware right now.  The young man said, “you wouldn’t even give us $15 for it?”  I casually (and insincerely) remarked (with a smirk on my face), “Well, I’d give you $15 for it”!  He said “Sold”!  The antique dealer said, “I would have bought it for that price”.

gold fltware 2 I had no intention of actually buying this flatware, but somehow I bought it.  (I did give them a $20 bill for it).  I hope the gold doesn’t come off the first time I wash it, and I hope the police don’t come get me for “fencing” stolen goods!

Since all of my babbling has turned this into a lengthy post, I will share my other purchases in another post.

scenes from e tn

I’m linking to Story Tellers Wednesday at A Southern Belle With Northern Roots.  Thank you for hosting, Shannon.

StoryTellers2-1-1-1[1] Okay, did you decide yet?  Do odd things happen to odd people, or do these kinds of things happen to you all of the time?  I apologize for this wordy post,  but, I’m sure you’ve met odd people before.  They tend to make a short story long and go on and on and on….   I know what you’re thinking.  You’re right!  I need to get a life!    Thank you for coming to visit that odd lady at Bargain Hunting and Chatting with laurie