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Saturday, January 2, 2010


(I'm afraid I let the holidays overwhelm me, and I have had some trouble getting back to my blog. I'm so sorry I haven't visited all of my favorite blogs. If I'd known I was going to take a little break, I would have let you know, but since the break was accidental, I couldn't notify you. Every night, I thought I would be able to visit blogs tomorrow, but the next night came, and I still had not been able to visit blogs. I'll be back "in the groove" soon and will come catch up on your blog postings. Thank you for understanding.)

Welcome to our wild and crazy New Year's celebration!

I always get my Christmas decor put up before New Year's Eve. Since we have a real tree, after I take off the ornaments, my husband and son get the tree out of the house. One year, 20 or so years ago, due to a work situation, my husband was unable to get the tree out before New Years, so I decorated the tree for New Years. It has now become a tradition to have at least one New Year's tree. My grandchildren love decorating the NY tree, because all you do is throw as much "stuff" on the tree as you can! New Year's decor can be tacky and crazy, because that's what New Years is all about. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!