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Friday, October 17, 2008



Recently, when the hurricane was threatening New Orleans, an old friend called to tell us he was evacuating N.O. Since he, his dog, and two of his friends needed shelter, we invited them to stay in our home. (Whew! Glad this one didn't hit like Katrina when people had to stay away from home forever [just kidding Kenny, Byron, and Richie]). These three and their cute dog were no trouble at all, and we really enjoyed having them in our home (most of the time anyway!).

I was reminded of their visit when, my daughter was looking through a basket of children's books at our house last night, and found "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein. Inside the book, one of our refugee guests had left a lovely note. The guest, Byron, had shown me the book while he was here. He had brought it with him as one of the items he wanted to keep safe from the storm, because it had so much meaning to him. Have you ever read "The Giving Tree"? It is a wonderful story with a great message. This "find" by my daughter brought tears to my eyes. How humbled I am that Byron wanted to leave this cherished possession with us.

This is such a meaningful story for children and adults.

Kenny (our friend who brought these crazy N.O. guys into our lives) had noticed our collection of quilts and had asked about them. Of course, you would have to be in a complete stupor (which these guys were some of the time) to not notice our quilts-they are everywhere!

Our guestroom is filled with quilts!

Now, our quilt collection is another story (I know, with me everything is ANOTHER story!). I love quilts and started collecting them before they became so expensive. When we drove anywhere, my husband used to try to divert my attention if he saw a sign that advertised quilts. He didn't want to stop to hunt for yet another quilt. Then, the price of quilts skyrocketed, and I knew I had purchased my last quilt. (After all, I AM a bargain hunter, and I ONLY buy bargains.) All of a sudden, my DH became a quilt collector! I now have to divert HIS attention when I see quilts advertised! (It seems we are usually on different wave lengths -- women from Venus, Men from Mars and all that stuff). Obviously, I am a little better at distracting with chatter than he was-I always have something to say, but my poor dh (having become accustomed to not being able to get a word in) does not have that "talent" of talking about nothing (and he probably doesn't appreciate that "talent" in me).

Okay, okay, I know, I need to get back to the subject at hand. After seeing our love of quilts, Kenny left his grandmother's beautiful hand-stitched quilt as a gift for us! He too, had brought this wonderful memory of his grandmother with him to Arkansas, to keep it safe from the storm. Talk about bringing tears to my eyes...when I found the quilt, neatly folded on my bed the day they left, with a note from Kenny tucked inside...well, let me tell you, it's been a long time since I was so touched. I just sat on the bed with tears rolling down my face.

Isn't this needlework beautiful?
And look, the flower of each state has been stitched into each square.

One night, these three men (I'm using that term loosely, since they don't always act like adults), cooked dinner for us, and Richie completely cleaned our kitchen after we went to bed (I'm not talking about just cleaning up the dishes--my stoves have never sparkled that much-before or after Richie was here.

Oh my! Will my kitchen survive this?

We enjoyed their visit to our home, and we certainly did not feel that we deserved gifts from them -- especially gifts that meant so much to them. We will cherish these gifts and think of these special friends every time we look at their gifts, given from the heart.

Just when you thought you knew what my blog was about, I pull out this sappy posting. I hope you don't mind. I just felt a need to share this with my cyber friends. So many times, it is easy to start feeling that we live in a selfish world. I just wanted to spend some time thinking about kind people in this world-people who will share some of their most important possessions with others. Byron, Kenny, and Richie helped me to remember that those wonderful people are still out there, and I hope this story of their kindness will help you remember it too. laurie (bargainhunr on RMS)