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Friday, April 15, 2011



At our home, it is often difficult to tell what holiday we are celebrating.  Maybe that’s why my nephew and his wife gave me this plate for Christmas one year.
happy evrythng

If you have been visiting my blog for very long, you know how much I love my Christmas trees.  Well, it’s baaaack!  This aluminum tree does not stay in my holiday closet for very long.  It comes back out for a lot of different occasions.  I guess that makes it one of my favorite things.
study tbl
Apparently, another favorite of mine is Easter eggs depicting stylishly dressed geese.  You may have seen my recent “goose egg” purchase that reminded me of my Mother’s book.  I don’t know if I’m just now noticing them, or if people were ashamed of their dressed up geese and kept them hidden away, but I found another fashionable goose on an egg at Lynn’s Vintage Nest store.
goose egg
I also found this pretty plateau mirror at The Vintage Nest store.  You’ll probably be seeing this often in tablescapes.  (I love a new tablescaping tool!)
snrm tbl
Aren’t these bunnies on burlap adorable?  I ordered this new favorite from the Sweet European Dreams Etsy.
bunny linen
This framed Daffodil needlepoint that I nabbed for $8.00 at an estate sale is my contribution to Thrifty Things Friday this week.  It’s so hard for me to imagine a family member selling needlework that was created by a loved one, but  I’m sure that, after I’m gone, some of my needlework (that has caused my eyesight to deteriorate and my fingers to get cramps) will be sold for less than $8.00.
On the evening before I was hosting a little dinner at my house for the launch of Michael Lee West’s new book, one of my granddaughters ran in my house, and yelled, “Gigi, come see the cotton balls God put in the sky”!  I was pretty busy, and if it hadn’t been one of my grands asking me to do something, I probably would have declined.  I’m so glad I did go out with her, because I got to share in her excitement of seeing another of my favorite things ~ the majesty of God’s creation.  (They do look like fluffy cotton balls, don’t they?)
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