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Sunday, January 31, 2010


I'm linking to Mosaic Monday at Little Red House.


I KNOW YOU ARE SAYING TO YOURSELF (OR MAYBE OUT LOUD), "LAURIE LOVES EVERYTHING". You may be right! I do have a wide variety of interests (that's a nice way of saying that I am a pack rat!)

You have now reached the Miscellanea part of this post. If you're just here for pictures, this would be the time to exit this blog. Thanks for coming.


I have noticed that there are several blogs I visit on which my comments may not be getting posted. After I click "post comment", my computer jumps to the beginning of the post. I usually exit the blog at that time. Since I've been behind on my blog reading, there have recently been times when I wanted to look at a previous post. When I scroll down to click on "previous post", I find my comment for the post I just read still in the box with a "word verification" thingy that had not been visible when I was leaving the comment.

Another problem I've had is that, occasionally, after I click "post comment" and have almost exited the blog, I see a message that my comment could not be posted and I need to try to post it again. It usually posts the second time I click on "post comment", but I think I've probably left some blogs without noticing that.

I know that I have left comments that never appeared on some of these blogs. Is it something I am doing wrong? I'm wondering if bloggers are aware that they may not be getting all of the comments that are left for them. I love visiting blogs, but I'm usually hurrying. Maybe I just need to slow down and smell the roses (and make sure my comments are being posted). Do you always stay on the blog until you get notification that your comment has posted? Has anyone else experienced these problems? Any suggestions?

I know -- I can make a mountain out of a molehill.

I recently read a very interesting post and some very interesting comments on a blog. It was sort of an informal poll about what we like to see on blogs. I really enjoyed reading all of the comments. After I read the comments about what bloggers like to see, I started thinking about the multitude of blogs there are out there - blogs I've never visited, and blogs I never want to visit. I'm sure those bloggers have no desire to visit my blog either. (I still have trouble believing that anybody wants to visit my blog). That's the wonderful thing about blogging. We do not HAVE to visit a blog that doesn't interest us. So, if I visit your blog and leave a comment, I do not want you to feel that you have to come visit my blog. I want to visit blogs I enjoy reading, and that's what I want you to do too! Life is too short for me or you to be spending time reading a blog that does not interest us.

This was probably more than any of you wanted to read. When I first began blogging, I had a comment from someone that said "if you want me to visit your blog, post a lot of pictures - I don't like to read". That's okay-you don't HAVE to read my blog. Isn't that wonderful news? Now, before you start thinking that I'm trying to run off anyone who visits my blog, let me just say that I LOVE blog visitors. I know that I am never going to be one of those blogs that gets 100 or more visitors on each post. That's okay with me. I honestly would prefer to have 5 visitors who wanted to be here and leave a comment than 100 visitors who are here out of obligation. (I kind of do hope I don't get less than 5 visitors per post though!)

Thank you for visiting me today, and if this is your last visit to my blog, thank you for the kindness you have shown in returning my visits to your blog. Don't forget to go get links for mosaics at Little Red House. I'm pretty sure there will not be much to read on those blogs - just beautiful mosaics to view. laurie