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Sunday, November 22, 2009


I'm joining sweet Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday. Be sure to click over to Mary's to go see mosaics throughout Blogville.

Although I've barely begun cooking, my Thanksgiving tables for over 30 people are ready and waiting. Thursday, I shared two of the TG tablescapes with you. Today, I'm sharing the remainder of the tables. (Disclaimer - in case someone who is joining us for Thanksgiving dinner is reading my blog: These tables are just practice! I don't leave plates on the tables for two weeks to collect dust; I turn stemware upside down, and put the napkins over the flatware, so I think we'll be safe).

Dinner plates on above table: Pier 1 Oralia; Flatware: our wedding pattern: Old Master by Towle; stemware: Tuesday Morning; vintage tablecloth: garage sale; I don't remember where I got the napkin rings.

Brown dinner plate: Casa Stone, Autumn Waves; Floral plate: Apple Blossum,Ridgways England; Stemware: our wedding pattern: Lenox Moonspun; napkin rings: estate sale.

Blue glass dinner plates: Outlet Mall years ago; Top plate: My mother's, Eggshell Nautilus; Stemware: My mother's; Flatware: My mother's. (In case you are wondering why the flatware is resting on the backs of the turkey napkin rings, it's because these place settings are too close together to put the flatware beside each place setting-when you are hosting more than 30, you do what you gotta do!) (Also, in case you think this table looks very low for eating, it is my "high-low" table, and it will be raised to dining height before Thanksgiving. It's much easier to take that "hanging from the chandelier" photo when the table is in the low position!).

All three of the children's tables are decorated the same, so I'm only showing you one. Everything is non-breakable. The lollipops are in plastic stemware for a centerpiece.