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Sunday, November 22, 2009


I'm joining sweet Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday. Be sure to click over to Mary's to go see mosaics throughout Blogville.

Although I've barely begun cooking, my Thanksgiving tables for over 30 people are ready and waiting. Thursday, I shared two of the TG tablescapes with you. Today, I'm sharing the remainder of the tables. (Disclaimer - in case someone who is joining us for Thanksgiving dinner is reading my blog: These tables are just practice! I don't leave plates on the tables for two weeks to collect dust; I turn stemware upside down, and put the napkins over the flatware, so I think we'll be safe).

Dinner plates on above table: Pier 1 Oralia; Flatware: our wedding pattern: Old Master by Towle; stemware: Tuesday Morning; vintage tablecloth: garage sale; I don't remember where I got the napkin rings.

Brown dinner plate: Casa Stone, Autumn Waves; Floral plate: Apple Blossum,Ridgways England; Stemware: our wedding pattern: Lenox Moonspun; napkin rings: estate sale.

Blue glass dinner plates: Outlet Mall years ago; Top plate: My mother's, Eggshell Nautilus; Stemware: My mother's; Flatware: My mother's. (In case you are wondering why the flatware is resting on the backs of the turkey napkin rings, it's because these place settings are too close together to put the flatware beside each place setting-when you are hosting more than 30, you do what you gotta do!) (Also, in case you think this table looks very low for eating, it is my "high-low" table, and it will be raised to dining height before Thanksgiving. It's much easier to take that "hanging from the chandelier" photo when the table is in the low position!).

All three of the children's tables are decorated the same, so I'm only showing you one. Everything is non-breakable. The lollipops are in plastic stemware for a centerpiece.


Sunday, November 8, 2009


You wanna hear about my weekend? There's not much to tell, but for me it was a good one. I'm joining Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday, and since I'm posting an itty bitty metamorphosis, I'm joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Metamorphosis Monday. I'm also joining Diane at A Picture is Worth 1000 Words for Second Time Around Tuesday. Whew! Do you think I might be a "joiner"? Okay, now I'm going to tell you about my weekend. Remember, I am easily entertained, so I'll understand if my weekend bores you to the point of clicking the exit button.

It isn't much, but I hope this $15.00 desk counts for an itty bitty metamorphosis and a 2nd time around:

Be sure to go get links to Blogville Events:


Mosaic Monday, Little Red House;

Metamorphosis Monday, Between Naps on the Porch;

and Tuesday:

2nd Time Around Tuesday, A Picture is Worth 1000 Words.

Thanks so much for coming to visit, and thanks so much for sticking it out through my dull weekend. laurie

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Mary at Little Red House hosts Mosaic Monday. I think she is taking a blog break and is probably not hosting today. Since I am a creature of habit, I am still doing Mosaic Monday on my blog. Mary, I hope you are having a great blog break.

Yep! I'm very easily entertained! I apologize for getting carried away with entertaining myself. Thanks for coming by! laurie

Sunday, August 23, 2009


When I posted my family room, some readers told me they wanted to see what was upstairs where the balcony is that overlooks the family room. I had house guests this past weekend, so I finally HAD to get the upstairs cleaned up for them. I thought I'd better share the upstairs while it is cleaned up! We converted attic space to guestrooms. I'm afraid all of the "left over" furniture is what got stuck upstairs, so it has become a VERY casual space that is used by my grandchildren as well as guests. For someone who might be a first time visitor to my blog, I will again post my disclaimer. I am not a decorator. I am not a designer. I am not posting photos of my home to demonstrate how to decorate. (The photos may demonstrate how to not decorate). I am posting photos of my home because readers have asked me to post them. I am linking to Mosaic Monday at Little Red House. Thank you Mary for hosting Mosaic Monday. You know I love mosaics!

If you love mosaics as much as I do, don't forget you can find the links at Little Red House. Thank you so much for coming to visit our guest rooms. laurie

Sunday, July 5, 2009


For Mosaic Monday hosted by our sweet Mary at Little Red House, I am sharing photos of the Fourth of July celebration (no, it's not more red, white and blue decor!)-- swimming, eating, and fireworks, all of which took place at our house. Thank you, Mary, for being such a gracious hostess for this event. Of course, if you are a regular visitor to my blog, you know that every day is mosaic day on my blog! I just "luv" mosaics!





(Mosaics created on Photoscape)

My grandchildren's dads had fun shooting fireworks under the pretense of entertaining their children, at least one of whom was covering his ears while screaming "I wanna go home"!

I hope everybody had a safe and fun 4th of July celebration!

Yes, our 4th was safe and fun! As I watched my son and son-in-law light fireworks, I was sure it was not going to be safe or fun--Forever the worried mother!

On the Fourth, I accidentally convinced my family that visiting blogs was a good thing! Among the foods I served, were several recipes from Blogville. I served Marinated Tomatoes (recipe from Mid Atlantic Martha), Baked Vidalia Onions (I'm sorry I failed to record whose blog featured this recipe-Please let me know if it was you, so I can give you credit), Strawberry Lemonade (recipe from Lace and Ivy Cottage), and Lemon Cream Berry Trifle (recipe from Kathleen Ellis Lifestyle Design). Since my friend, Susie, emailed me the recipe for Frozen Banana Salad, I kind of included that in the list of recipes I got from my computer! When someone raved about one of the delicious foods, I told them that I got the recipe from the computer. They gained a new appreciation for my blog visiting! Now, when I'm on the computer and they start rolling their eyes, I tell them I'm looking for recipes, and they stop the eye-rolling and smile at me! Thanks ladies. You may have helped me avoid a "computer intervention" by my family!

Be sure to go to Little Red House to see Mary's beautiful 4th of July mosaic, and to find links to all of the fun mosaics in Blogville today. Thank you so much for visiting me. laurie

Sunday, June 14, 2009


There are wonderful mosaics in Blogville today. To get the links, go to the blog of our hostess, Mary at Little Red House. You'll be so glad you did.

I am posting photos of our bedroom, because a couple of my blog readers requested that I post it. Again, I need to post my disclaimer. I am not a decorator, so these pictures are not being shown to demonstrate the way to design a room. They are being shown because a reader requested that I show them, and I love my blog readers soooo much that I'll do almost anything for them!

We have some toile in our bedroom,

and some more toile,
and MORE toile!

There are some silhouettes

and some more silhouettes and some more toile.

And there is NOT a color scheme!

I just looked up the word "boudoir" in good old Websters (on line), and I learned that it is a room where a lady sleeps, but I let my husband sleep here too (most of the time anyway)!

This is a good example of how extreme I am at not having anything match (sometimes it's intentional). My husband recently asked me "Don't we have two nightstands like the one on my side of the bed?" I replied that we do. He then asked, "Don't we have two tables like the one on your side of the bed?" Yes. "Then why do our nightstands not match each other?" Because I don't like for things to match! Yes, we all know I need a psychiatrist, but don't tell my husband that!

(The funny thing is they haven't matched in years, and he never noticed it before!)

If you've read my blog before, you may already know that our master bedroom was originally the living room in this house. In lieu of a dresser, I have used a buffet. The buffet is on the wall that formerly had a double wide opening from the front entry into the living room. And yes, the top of the buffet is filled with framed family photographs, but I think even the designers say it's okay to have them in the private spaces of your home. (Pretend that you didn't see them on the shelves in our family room when I posted that room!)

EDITED TO ADD: I don't know why the above picture is the only clickable picture on this post. I'll try to figure that out before my next post (I'm still trying to learn all of this blogging stuff.)

I loved to read The Bobsey Twins when I was a child. My Bobsey Twin books hang out in this secretary in our bedroom. (Now you all know what I read if I can't sleep at night!)

This was the sofa in my parent's living room. I am so thrifty (cheap) that I cannot bring myself to have it reupholstered, since it is still in good condition, so it doesn't "match" the rest of the room. Of course, I'm not much into matching. Ooops! Somebody left the remote on the table. We seldom use the t.v. that is the armoire in this room. It is primarily there because if I'm in the bed sick, I like to have the t.v. available. Last week, one of my grandchildren wanted to watch t.v. in this room, and we realized that when we had an ice storm several moths ago, the satellite box on this t.v. went out, and we didn't know it until now!

You may have read on my blog before that the "drapes" in this room are tablecloths from Tuesday Morning. In this photo, you can see the drapes that were already in this living room. They were pretty drapes, but, of course I wanted toile. I hung the original drapes and the black and white toile tablecloths on those curtain clip-ons like a double shower curtain is hung (every other hook holds the toile tablecloth). I wanted the fullness of the previous drape in addition to wanting a solid color to face the street, so the original drapes hang behind the tablecloths (got it?)!

This is the tablecloth with the original drapery concealed behind it.

I had pearls that had belonged to my mother, my grandmother, and my mother-in-law. Some are faux and some may be real (I can't tell the difference), and I hung all of them from this chandelier. My husband jokes about Laurie hanging the family jewels over our bed! (I cannot tell you how badly I want to reach into this picture and straighten that shade on the chandelier!)
Does this count Shelia? That pointy thing sticking out from behind my faux roses is my elbow!

Sorry for the long post. I was having way too much fun with mosaics! Be sure to stop by Little Red House to get links for all of the beautiful mosaics. Mary is such a great hostess for Mosaic Monday! laurie