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Sunday, February 7, 2010


silversunday2[2] I’m linking to Gypsy Fish for Silver Sunday.

drip o latr mos

This tin coffee maker belonged to my grandmother. Can you see the engraving on it? This modern convenience is called a “Drip-O-Lator.


Mother’s more modern coffee maker was a percolator.

coffee maker

I got this cute little coffee/tea maker with the blue and white server from Vanna at Delusions of Grandeur.sug crmr crop-vert

This hammered aluminum sugar and creamer belonged to my mother. There is a lid to the sugar server around here somewhere, but my grandchildren play with this set all of the time, and although I found the sugar and creamer in their little play hutch, I couldn’t find the lid.

tea pot mos

Just a little tea pot, short and stout. With a basket handle and a graceful spout.

servr mos

This server is the part of the post about me! Lately, I’ve been reminded several times of something my mother always told me - “never say never”! A couple of weeks ago, I told you that I have a lot of silver stored away, because I don’t like polishing it. I spotted this silver plated server at a flea market the other day, and I BOUGHT IT! Yes! You read that right. I bought silver after saying I do not polish silver. It was such a bargain (probably because it is in such bad condition). The way I looked at it, this piece was too far gone to worry about having to polish it! One time, Joni at Cote De Texas showed several beautiful hotel-type servers in her dining room. They are decoration on her table and buffet. Of course, since I think anything Joni does is wonderful, I thought I’d try to mimic Joni’s with a smaller version. Now I’m eating my words about all of my silver being hidden away! It’s really all Joni’s fault. You want to see what I'm serving on my new server today?

words to eat

a vltn party 1205

Don't forget to go to Gypsy Fish for links to silver all over Blogville (these other bloggers actually show beautifully polished silver). Thank you so much for visiting my blog. laurie