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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I have had huge problems getting pictures to upload on my blog this week. I had already done my photos for the white party, and I was DETERMINED to get them posted. Even though I am a day late to the party, I wasn't going to completely miss it. (Don't you just love that kind of guest who shows up really late for a party?) If you missed the party too, go to Cuisine Kathleen to see all of the "Let There Be White" tablscapes. Thank you for sponsoring this Kathleen. I'm so sorry that I am so tardy for the party! I'm sure I've missed all of the fun.

(I use PhotoScape for my mosaics)

Please join me for a little fruit and wine picnic. (Nobody else will - it's way too hot!)

Don't you love that I've used a little umbrella to shade the fruit? Of course, since it's faux fruit, it probably doesn't matter if it gets sun on it! It's 100 degrees here in Arkansas. There is no way I could get my husband to go out and have fruit and wine in this heat, unless he was laying on a raft in the pool, and I was feeding him grapes, and as much as I love him, I will not be doing that! So this is a faux picnic. (I did have some real ants attend though--I guess my faux fruit fooled THEM).

My sweet son brought this bunch of flowers to me from his backyard.

If you are late to the party too, be sure to go to Cuisine Kathleen's to see some wonderful white tablescapes to welcome summer. Thanks for coming to my blog, even though I was late to the party. laurie