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Saturday, February 7, 2009


Tomarie became my wonderful cyber friend on RMS (for those of you who didn't come to blogging via RMS, that is a website where many of us showed each other pictures of our homes). Well, her name isn't Tomarie, but that is what her name was on RMS, and just the name "Tomarie" makes me smile. I just love that name. I may love it just because when I got to "know" her, I thought that was her name, and it just sounds so much like the sweet lady that she is. When I found out that her name is really Laura, I had a hard time calling her that, because I was so attached to her RMS name. Tomarie (I mean Laura) and her husband live in a wonderful cabin. When I think of a cabin, I think of a small wood home. But this cabin is huge, and I love the way Tomarie mixes elegant with rustic in her beautiful cabin. I asked her to give my blog visitors a tour of her wonderful home, and, even though she is a busy lady, teaching school every day, she graciously consented, so please join me while she takes us on the tour.


Hi Everyone! My good friend Laurie has asked me to share my space today.
I’m Laura, but you might know me as Tomarie on Rate My Space, where I first met Laurie. We live in a log cabin in the woods. I share a home with my sweet hubby, Tom, three dogs, one cat, and three horses. I’ve never quite figured out just what my decorating style IS! I have a tendency to just throw everything together and hope for the best!
This is our family room. As you can see, I also like “my stuff” just like Laurie does! One of my favorite things in this room is the old antique radio you see against the wall. It was my grandmother’s that I had restored in my 20’s. About half of it had been badly burned in an attic fire. It was quite costly to restore on a young teacher’s salary! Another favorite thing is the lamp you see on the end table. I went to visit my aunt and uncle last summer who had one. I fell in love with in…and to my surprise, she purchased one for me! Can you see the little bear hanging on the wall? It says, “An old bear lives here with his honey”!

The thing I loved most about the house was the staircase. I just loved all the little interesting nooks and crannies. The stairs lead to a guest bedroom/bathroom. I am the stepmother to five children and one grandchild. That room holds many memories of all who stayed there on soooo many weekends and summers!

A close-up of a little vignette that my RMS friends helped me with!

Here is a closer shot of the dining area. Sugarbelle jumped on the table just as I was taking the pic but then turned camera shy! If you look over at the stereo cabinet, Lynne (Decorator 101) helped me with that vignette. Okay, she didn’t just help me…after I BEGGED for her help, she told me exactly where to place everything…and I still think of her when I look at it! Thank you again Lynne!
The round antique clock and picture were given to me by my favorite student last year. I taught him in preschool for two and a half years, and I cried when he left! He even told me to cut out a circle in the wall so I could see him next door…and to put up all his artwork in the room to “remember” him by! Oh my goodness, makes the tears well up again!

Here’s our kitchen. I’m a sentimentalist ~ just about everything you see has been given to me. Like I said above, I just throw it all together and hope for the best! LOL

If you spot the binoculars that are hidden behind the clock, you can look out the window and spot deer and occasionally a fox. Just a few days ago, a red fox ran across our pasture…very cool!

Here’s a shot down the hallway that leads to two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Come on in to our bedroom. I received many comments on this bedspread over at RMS. It was handed down to me from a few generations back. The hand embroidery is amazing!

Just a few months ago, I bought new bedding so I could keep the heirloom in good condition. The curio cabinet hanging on the wall holds my Limoge collection.

I have a weakness for the delicate little beauties! Here’s a close-up.

Now I must show you THE baby of the house! This is Buddy and he is embarrassingly spoiled!

This shot is with Elmo, our mighty lab who stays mostly outside. Over the summer, we almost lost him when he tried to chase off a pack of coyotes! He has no fear but doesn’t realize he’s getting older!

Before saying goodbye, I’d like to introduce you to my grandson (isn’t he handsome?!), my mother, and my husband, who is usually in jeans and a cowboy hat. We were all going to my youngest stepson’s wedding this past New Year’s Eve.
Thank you all so much for coming, and thank you Laurie for asking me to share our little cabin!
Thank YOU so much, Tomarie. I know my visitors have enjoyed this tour of your wonderful home. Right, visitors? (Tomarie, Don't think we didn't notice that you have shown us a picture of every member of your family (pets included), except YOU!) laurie