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Monday, April 29, 2013


Our kitchen has kind of an out of the way (read, “out of sight”) appliance counter.  I usually don’t post pictures of it on my blog.  You’ll know why I don’t when you see these pictures.  This area is always a mess.  I know, a good blogger would at least straighten up this countertop before posting, but I like to keep it real on this blog!  (I know that sounds like an excuse for being too lazy to clean up this area.  That’s exactly what it is!)

app bar

See that red bread box, turned on it’s side?  I recently ordered something from Celestina Marie Designs Etsy store, and that cute magnetic list pad was a gift with my order.

brd bx

I store some of my well used cookbooks inside the bread box.  See that cute recipe card with the little cherries in the corner?  Some of those were also included in my order from Celestina Marie Designs!  What a fun package this was to open.

brd bx inside

Since I never take any pictures in this corner of my kitchen, I thought as long as I was being so “real” on my blog, I’d share a couple of other things in this corner.  Those two paintings were created and gifted to me by college friends.  Yes, I think my “New Better Homes & Garden” cookbook is an antique now!

wood box

One of my all time favorite movies is It’s A Wonderful Life.  I’ve watched it so many times, I think I can quote every line in that movie.  (You think quoting lines while they are being said on the screen is the reason nobody ever wants to watch it with me?)  A friend of mine gave me a vintage “lobby card” from the movie.  That’s the top framed picture.

wndrfl life 2

One year, my husband took the lobby car to a cake decorator, who scans photos on the computer and then puts them on a cake.  He also supplied a picture of me to the cake maker.  That’s how my head ended up on Donna Reed’s cute body, with Jimmy Stewart holding me up in the air! 

wonderful life me

Okay, now we’re getting to what I actually ordered from Clestina Marie.  It’s hanging on the side of my messy spice rack.

spice cbnt

This cute cone with the cherry cutout  was on sale in her Etsy, and I couldn’t resist ordering it.

cone wchrs

Celestina even included two battery powered candles to use inside the cone!

cone lit w chrs

I don’t really have a cherry themed kitchen.  However, some of you may know that I grew up in this house.  When we remodeled, I kept my Mother’s breakfast room light fixture, and I stenciled cherries on the ceiling, so I did accidentally end up with the beginnings of a cherry theme.  Until I saw this cone on Celstina Marie Deisgns Etsy, I didn’t know I wanted to add to the cherry theme.  It just kind of happened.

light fix

Yes, life is a bowl full of cherries, and it seems I may have unintentionally ended up with a kitchen full of cherries!  Thank you for stopping by my blog.  laurie

I am linking this post to Inspire Me Tuesday at A Stroll Thru Life. (This post is inspiring other bloggers to keep it real.  After all, if Laurie can show THIS on her blog, it should make other bloggers feel more comfortable posting a “not-perfectly-clean” area of their homes.)

Monday, April 4, 2011


When we remodeled this house, I had grand intentions for this built-in I had drawn on a piece of paper for our builder.  I told him I wanted glass doors, so that I could beautifully display some of my favorite pieces of china.
blue cabnt
That china display lasted about a month after we moved in.  As you can see, my collecting obsession hobby took over my plans for a beautiful display!  I’ve considered putting curtains behind the glass, but I love not having to open every cabinet door to find something. 
There was also a plan for a bench for my dog in the middle of the cabinets.
glass doors
At the time these plans were made, I had one grandchild.  As my grandchildren multiplied, I had to give in to the bench being one of their favorite spots.  They kept going home from my house with dog hair all over them!  So, I wrapped a cushion with a table runner (this was a temporary fix 7 years ago!), and found another spot for the dog bed.
There was to be an open space under the dog bench for the dog’s food and water bowls.  The grands once again took over that space with their baskets of crayons and coloring books.  I finally took five dinner napkins, glued a hem in them, and put them over an extension curtain rod to hang under the bench to hide the grands’ baskets (a temporary fix six years ago).  The dog’s water and food were moved to a different location.
If I had known I was going to have three more grandchildren (all of whom would love this   little bench and accumulate art supplies at my house), and if I had known I was going to collect so much junk many treasures, I might have put solid doors on the cabinet, and built-in storage under the bench.
under bench
My other favorite shelf is the built-in that was in the kitchen when the house was built.  It has become the place for my Quimper collection and plates depicting other nationalities.  Obviously, these shelves have become less display and more storage also!  If I’d known I was going to go so crazy collecting Quimper, I would have built another shelf or two or three.
quimper shlvs
My most recent Quimper acquisition is from Maggie’s Etsy, La Faience Brocante
qumpr maggie
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