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Saturday, December 20, 2008


NOTE: I have had a lot of trouble with my internet provider. I've been on the telephone for hours, because I lost my internet connection. Hence, Share A Space Saturday almost didn't get posted. I don't really think anyone would have missed it, but after all of that frustration with the tech on the telephone, I am determined to get it posted.

After taking pictures of my Christmas decor in my kitchen, I realized that there is probably a good reason I eat so much during the holiday season. My kitchen is filled with candy (real and faux)! Can I really let it go to waste? (How did all of this candy get here in the first place?) Chef Santa has candy canes and gingerbread people in his pocket. I'm sure I gain weight just looking at faux candy!

Under figures depicting a scene from Scrooge, hang faux cranberries.

A peppermint and lollipop tree is on top of the clock, and a peppermint wreath is hanging beside it. And look, even the tiny stocking has a candy cane on it!

Okay, no candy in the shelves under the clock. Just vintage nativity figures. I think these are commonly referred to as "Woolworth" nativity figures, because in the 40's, they were sold at Woolworth's for $1.00 each.

What can you expect from me when even Santa has fallen into the candy jar in my kitchen? I'm afraid you can expect me to be as large as Santa before 2009 arrives!

A candle even reminds me to drink some cocoa and eat some candy canes!

After drinking cocoa and eating candy canes, I can go sit on this little bench (with a box of chocolates), and just let the sugar I've eaten settle down into my hips while I browse the vintage cards on the shelves.

One tree holds candy canes with snowmen and Santas hanging on to them...
And another tree is filled with candy and cookie decor...Cookie and candy houses and a "Home from the Grocery Store Santa Chef" are at the bottom of the counter top tree...

And there's a cookie/candy railroad station under the tree...

And there are even candy canes falling from the ceiling in my kitchen!

Aprons show up everywhere in the kitchen (except on me).

Chairs at my grand children's table wear apron skirts (these were Christmas aprons I had when I was a child).

And one of my light fixtures wears a cross stitched Christmas apron.

Oh No! More candy! A basket made from peppermint holds chocolate kisses, and a faux chocolate Santa stands guard, with tiny candy Santa heads all around. Even though none of these are edible, looking at them makes me WANT some candy, and if I WANT some candy, that usually translates into I NEED some candy! (Quick energy for someone who is staying up too late at night-unfortunately, also quick fat for someone who doesn't need any!)

Candy jars with M & M's and other chocolate treats surround this Santa.

Cranberries and crab apples are all over the shelves that hold my 12 Days of Christmas glasses. Vintage Christmas cards are such an inexpensive way to add Christmas cheer and interest (as well as conceal the normal shelf accessories!).

Children are singing Christmas hymns in front of a church in the center of my breakfast room table.

More vintage Christmas cards in a card holder conceal my cookbooks on the shelf.

My Santa chef sends all of you wishes for a wonderful Christmas!


Donna at Adventures with Tassie (a great blog site) tagged me., and here are the rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with sixteen random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don’t forget to leave them a comment (“you’re it”) and to read your blog.You can’t tag the person who tagged you and since you can’t tag me, let me know when you have posted your blog, so I can see your weirdness.
I decided that, since I have been getting so many questions about my Christmas decor, I'd try to answer some of your questions with this tag. (I still have not heard from a psychiatric volunteer to help me with this problem though!)

As those of you who have been reading my blog know, we have about 30 family members for Thanksgiving dinner; therefore, I do not begin doing any Christmas decorating until the day after Thanksgiving. (Actually, I don't start until that evening, because it takes the day to get the dishes and decor from Thanksgiving all put back up.)

Behind the fireplace wall in my family room is a "holiday closet". When we remodeled this house, my children were no longer living at home, and I knew that the assembly line that passed boxes of decorations down from the attic would no longer be available to me, so I added this closet. It is the length of that wall and has shelves on each side to store holiday decor.

My original idea was to put paneled sliding doors on each side of the fireplace (when closed they would have looked like a panelled wall). The shelves on that side of the closet would have stored my Santas on them. At Christmas time, I would just slide the doors open to reveal the Santa collection. As in most remodeling projects, at some point, I had to make some decisions to cut some expenses, so that was one of the ideas I eliminated.

The shelves in my family room normally hold books and lots of my "junk" that I enjoy seeing on a daily basis.

When I get ready to put my Santas on them, I unload one shelf of Santas in the closet and one shelf of books from my family room and switch the shelf contents, so that my normal shelf accessories are in the holiday closet and my Santas are in the family room shelves.

I realize now that this works out well, since this is the one time of the year that I take everything off of those shelves. When I start putting my Santas back into the closet at the end of the holidays, I clean the shelves in the family room before I put anything back on them. (If I didn't have to take everything off of the shelves, these shelves would never get cleaned -- as it is they only get cleaned once a year-can you believe the things I admit to you?)

I do work every day, so I only do my Christmas decorating at night and on the weekends.

After cooking for 30 people on Thanksgiving, I do not cook again until the week of Christmas when I start cooking for the 30 people who will be at our house for Christmas Eve and for our Christmas day dinner (when we only have 10 people). We eat Thanksgiving leftovers the first week, and we eat sandwiches and quick meals the rest of the time (we know everyone who works at the local pizza restaurants during this time of year on a first name basis). For the first two weeks after Thanksgiving, I stay up way too late at night.

We live with our home in a horrible, disastrous mess for a full week (boxes, ribbons, ornaments, etc. everywhere)! We can barely find a path to walk through the house! I put a sign on our door that says, "Danger - No admittance-Christmas Construction In Progress"!

The second week after Thanksgiving, I have at least cleared some pathways through the house, and my husband is starting to sing "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" (which is his contribution to the decorating process). He says it is supposed to encourage me.

My husband picks out the Christmas trees, puts them in the stands, and puts the lights on them.

My children and grandchildren come over for dinner (the first time I've cooked since Thanksgiving), and we all put ornaments on the two main trees in the family room. This tradition is followed by cookies and boiled custard in the family room, with all lights other than the trees turned off.

By the time the trees get decorated, most of the house is decorated. I usually still have some bedrooms and bathrooms to decorate, but they don't get as much decor as the main living areas.

I spend a lot of time after that tweaking decor. I cannot leave it alone, so up until Christmas Eve, I am adding something, or changing something all of the time.

I spend a week getting the Christmas decor taken down. One Christmas tree in the family room stays up. I take the Christmas decor off of it, and decorate it for New Year's. All Christmas decor is taken down by New Year's Eve (of course, I do find Christmas decor for the next few weeks that I overlooked putting into the holiday closet. If I didn't have a goal, I'd never get it all down, so I have always set my goal as New Year's Eve. (I'm thinking of changing it to Valentine's Day!)

Yes, I really do realize that I am crazy! Yes, I am seriously considering paying for some psychiatric help for this condition, since no volunteers have come forward.

Donna, thanks for the tag. It is just too close to Christmas and everyone is just too busy for me to pass this tag on. If you are looking for something to blog about, please feel free to take this tag. I apologize for the length of this post. Maybe people will learn that they should never ask me to list 16 things about myself!

Thanks so much for stopping by my Candyland Kitchen. laurie