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Friday, September 20, 2013


There is no rhyme or reason for my favorites today.  I started out with some beautiful home images, and suddenly found myself posting fun Halloween ideas. 

SEPT 19 FF 1


There is nothing I don’t like about this image.  I love it all – the color scheme, those curtains, that shabby table, the roosters, and the overall casual and inviting feel.

SEPT 19 FF 2


Buffalo checked fabrics always attract me.  The unique and gorgeous hutch, filled with Majolica, makes me sigh, and I want the three confit pots on top of the hutch.  The symmetry of the hutch wall, with the framed botanicals on each side appeal to me too.  Although I’m on a mission to add touches of red to our home, and I really like the upholstery on the bench, the bench and the rug seem to not fit with the balanced look of this room.  But who am I to question REAL decorators?  I think my obsession with symmetry is rearing its ugly head.

SEPT 19 FF 3


Another of their images that speaks to me --  the long, shabby desk, those figural lamps, the French style chair and a wonderful window.  And to top it all off, a blue and white pot filled with Hydrangeas. My obsession with symmetry is showing again, because I love the vignette on this desk.

Master Bath


What a unique tub, and it would be wonderful to be able to soak and enjoy a view to the outside – especially if there is a walled courtyard outside.  Isn’t that wall-mounted tub fixture great?

SEPT 19 FF -4


This is when my brain suddenly, and without any thought, switched to Halloween images.  I love this moon face, painted on a baseball, and the funnel hat topping it.  The cherry wallpaper behind it is so cute, and of course, a rooster and hen are always welcome in one of my favorite images.  I even like the addition of an old bingo ball to keep the moon from rolling.

Night of Terror


I think this literary nod to Halloween and Edgar Allen Poe is so fun, and even makes a pretty vignette.  I’ve always loved antique typewriters, and isn’t that old clock face a great addition?  I even like the pumpkin-filled wire basket under the desk.

SEPT 19 FF 7


If you haven’t met Agatha and Andrew and their twins, Hattie and Hugo, you need to go over to see them.  They are house-sitting for Phyllis for awhile, and Agatha is guest posting on her blog.  They are such a fun family, and this week, they are hosting an hors devours party to introduce a Count and Countess.

SEPT 19 FF 8


They also seem to be enjoying the pool!


These tiny, pierced pumpkins look so pretty on the candlesticks.  I'm thinking that scooping a tiny pumpkin out wouldn’t be as yucky as working with a big one.  I hope to try to replicate these this season.  Don’t be surprised if you find a tablescape on my blog, with these pumpkin candles marching down the center of the table.  But then again, don’t be surprised if you don’t find them on a tablescape.  I am great at dreaming of completing projects, but not so great at implementing the projects.

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I enjoyed sharing some of my faves today, and I hope you enjoyed seeing them.  Thank you for coming to see them.  laurie