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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Look what my sweet husband did tonight! (I know, you've never seen my kitchen island so uncluttered-I only see it this way twice a year!) He oiled the island countertop. I love that he does that, and that I don't have to do it. This countertop has a story to tell, and I'm going to tell it (again)! If you've been reading my blog since it's beginnings, you can skip this part, because I've told this story before (unless you're as old as I am and forget what you've read).

When we were remodeling our home, I told my husband that I wanted to try to get teakwood for the island countertop. I couldn't find it in my area, so I called my husband's uncle, who is a woodworker in South Carolina. He said he didn't have any teak, but he had a huge slab of mahogany and that it would hold up well in a kitchen. Of course, when he told me the price, I knew I was in trouble. Our remodeling expenses had added up, and I had not budgeted nearly enough to get that mahogany from him. Months later, my husband telephoned me to tell me he was at the house, and I needed to come talk to the contractor about a question he had. When I arrived, his aunt and uncle were there from S. C., and there was this gorgeous mahogany countertop on my island. It was his anniversary gift to me! (He may not have known he was going to get stuck with oiling it twice a year, but he does it without complaint.)
Tonight, as I helped my dear husband unload the island countertop (interpretation: looking for places to set all of that stuff), I remembered a couple of other times my husband had surprised me. Once, we were in an antique store, when I spotted some dishes that I thought were charming. I kept picking them up and looking at them. The store owner said they were a "breakfast" set. My husband asked if I was going to buy them, and I told him they were too expensive. They were my surprise Christmas present that year.

Another time, in an antique store (yes, my husband goes to antique stores with me!), I said, "Oh! look at that Quimper". My husband replied that he would look at it if he knew what it was he was supposed to be looking at. I showed him 6 Quimper plates and a Quimper serving dish. He was picking up the pieces as I was giving him a condensed history of Quimper as well as a history of my fascination with it. Those pieces were my surprise Christmas present that year. (The antique dealer later told me how impressed he was that my husband knew what Quimper was and especially that he pronounced it correctly!)
I think I am one lucky lady. I love him, and I do think I'll keep him for as long as he'll have me! Thank you for coming to visit my blog. laurie