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Monday, June 14, 2010


The birds in my backyard were tablescaping for a porch party today.

brd hs full-horz 2

But it was so hot, they all ended up on the table inside the house!

full tbl

I just put a piece of unfinished burlap on the table, and the birds gathered.

brd mos

I served cake and ice cream to my family.

lft side tblrgt side tbl

The birds preferred their bird seed.

brds on tbl


hmgbd mos

I identified the chocolate and strawberry toppings with cute Hummingbird place cards (ordered from Timeless Paper on-line; Thanks to Karen Harvey Cox at A Scrapbook of Inspiration, who told me about this neat place to shop).

brd plts

I pre-freeze different flavors of ice cream balls, and serve them from my trifle bowl.

ic crm bowl mos
lft side tbl
rgt side tbl
I’m having a “bird ice cream party for two” giveaway (I had a giveaway when I reached 100 posts [to be honest, I was late on that one too], but forgot to have one when I reached 200 posts, so I’m having it on my 236th post. When you get to be my age, that’s close enough!) The winner will receive the prizes shown below.

PRIZE MOS-horz-vert

For a chance to win a “bird ice cream party for two”, just leave me a comment on any post from now through June 20th. You will have one entry for each comment you leave on any post this week. If you don’t have a blog, please leave your email addy in your comment, so that I can contact you if the random generator picks your number. On June 21st, I will announce the winner.

I am joining Marty’s Tabletop Tuesday at A Stroll Thru Life. Be sure to go to Marty’s to get links to amazing tabletop vignettes.

Table_Top_Tuesday[3][1] Thank you for coming to visit my blog. If it weren’t for you, this blog would NEVAH have had over 200 posts on it. If it were not for your comments, I’m sure I would have given up this blogging after 10 posts (that’s when I started running out of things to post about, but felt obligated to keep posting, because somebody was reading what I posted, and some were even leaving me very kind comments). The encouragement, fun, and friendship I have gained in Blogville are what keep me blogging. (Believe me, there are MANY times when I feel discouraged and think I’ll give up blogging, but I’m just having way too much fun with all of you Blogvillians.) I also receive comments from a few people who are not bloggers, and those comments are so meaningful to me also. You know, as much as I love comments from bloggers, I always worry that they might be commenting so that I’ll visit their blogs, or they are visiting my blog because I visited their blog. (Are my self-confidence issues showing again?) When a non-blogger leaves a comment, I feel that they may have actually liked something on my blog, and what a great feeling that is! I sincerely thank each and every one of you -- bloggers and non-bloggers. I am one fortunate blogger to have each of you in my blogging life. laurie