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Friday, July 18, 2014




I’ve always wanted to “do” a room in all one fabric.  I love this look, but when you are only willing to buy resale or on sale, you don’t usually find enough of one fabric to create this look.  This looks like it could be used for a sitting room when not in use as a bedroom.  I like that the beautiful  wood on the desk breaks up the pattern a little. 


Friday, August 16, 2013


Some of you may recall that, long ago, I hosted a weekly linkup, “A Few of My Favorite Things”.  The problem was that I couldn’t resist going to see each and every link.  As you probably recall (since I often complain about it), I work five days a week.  The weekly linkup became overwhelming, and I had to give it up.  I have just realized that I don’t have to host a linkup to share some of my favorites (I’m obviously not the quickest brain in Blogville).  I collect inspiration from blogs, Pinterest, Hometalk, and magazines, so today, I’m sharing some of my favorites. 

fri fav 1

I don’t know if Kim’s dining room at Savvy Southern Style still looks this way or not.  As you know, Kim paints her furniture about as often as I paint my fingernails!  I love the blue china cabinet, the yellow chairs, and the host and hostess chairs.  I’m not ashamed to tell you that I am a leg person!  I love the legs on that table.

fri fav 2

This image from the HGTV site spoke to me too. Again, those sexy legs on that table, but the fireplace in the dining room is a dream of mine, and I love that curvy stone mantel.  Did you notice how the buffet under the window almost looks built in with the narrow china cabinet beside it?  I like to imagine that there is another of those china cabinets on the other side of the buffet.

Fri Fav 5

Can y’all believe I don’t even have a dedicated dining room or breakfast room in my home, and yet I’m always finding dining areas I love!  This breakfast room in Mimi’s house, A House Romance, stole my heart too.  I love the painted chairs and table legs and apron, with just the right amount of distressing. (Again, the curved table legs!) Isn’t that dark wood table top gorgeous?  What a charming scene in the painting over the buffet.

fRI fAV 3

I want to move into the boat house at Aiken House & Gardens.  Doesn’t this just make you feel peaceful?  Actually, I want to move to Aiken House & Gardens.  Did you see the Downton Abbey party she recently hosted?  Absolutely gorgeous!

Fri Fav 4

Can you tell I’m really wanting an outdoor retreat?  This one, from Better Homes and Gardens, captured my heart too.  I can just imagine enjoying nature while I relax on a comfy bed.  I might not ever go back inside the house where there are dirty dishes in the sink.

Fri Fav 6

I have a crush on this kitchen, featured at Houzz some time ago.  Everything about it appeals to me~those glass cabinets, the blue and white transferware, the toile slip covers on the counter stools, the inviting table (even though the legs are straight!), and the stained wood floors.

Fri Fav 7

Better Homes and Gardens featured another of my favorite kitchen images.  I love that hutch, filled with transferware, the French doors opening to what appears to be a courtyard (another one of my loves), the white chairs with charming cushions, surrounding a dark table with more sexy legs (Yes, I obsess on curvy table legs), the farmhouse sink, and of course, those rustic beams. 

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I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorite inspiration photos.  wishing you a lovely weekend.  laurie