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Sunday, August 26, 2012


I tend to forget that there are blog readers who don’t comment.  I seldom remember to check my stats, because I think I already know how many people are reading my blog – based on the number of comments.  When I do remember to check my stats, I start thinking, “uh oh, some people ended up at my blog by mistake”.  Recently, I was reminded that the kind people who leave comments on my blog aren’t the only people reading my blog, and at least one of them visits my blog intentionally!  I received a very kind comment from “Emanu from Argentina”, who informed me that she had been reading my blog for a year, but had never left a comment.  I was so flattered that someone had actually found my blog a year ago and intentionally continued to read it!  Emanu alerted me that the sidebar link to my kitchen pictures was not working.  (Wow! She not only wants to read my blog; she wants to see our kitchen again!)  Of course, I wanted to fix my link (if only for Emanu), but when I looked at my previous kitchen post, I realized that my blog pictures have improved since I first posted the kitchen (and a few things in our kitchen have changed) (other than that it is even more cluttered than it was previously). So…for those of you who remember previously seeing our junky treasure-filled kitchen (I do like being surrounded by my stuff), I apologize. Emanu, has flattered me into reposting it. I do have a question for you at the end of this post (my sneaky way of getting you to look even though you’ve seen our kitchen before).
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We do love our fresh tomatoes, so I didn’t move them for the picture.  Yum!
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Now I need your opinion.  This china cabinet is at the end of my island (to the left of my range alcove).  I want to paint it, but I can’t decide whether to go with an Annie Sloan cream color or blue, or some other color entirely.  As you’ve seen, the cabinets in my kitchen are either cream or blue.  If I use one of the A.S. blue paints, I will have to try to mix something to get closer to my blue cabinet color, and I’m not sure I can accomplish that.  Please give me your opinion of what I should do with this china cabinet (other than de-clutter it – I already know I need to do that.  When I paint it, I hope to purge some of the clutter.  I use the word “hope”, because, as you know, purging is not an easy task for me.)
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Thank you for visiting my kitchen – again.  Y’all come back now!  laurie