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Sunday, October 2, 2011


When I left for work the other day, I accidentally left a window open.  I came home to find a witch party in my house.  They had flown in the window, stolen my brooms, and were all over the house.

witch is in

hlwn prty cmbnd trk

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They even brought the musical group, Cool Cats, to play for their party!

cats cmbnd

game tbl


frtn tlng crds

I guess this old hag has lost her broom-riding powers, so she rode in on a pig-powered cart!

pig cartmusicwtch sho cmbn

If I wanted to try their spread on a cracker, I had to steal one of the witch’s shoes.  I’m glad they thought about covering my “not for food” plate with saran wrap.  I would have hated to have a bunch of sick witches in my house!

crckr plate

     light cmbndkit table


tree cmbnd

frplc wtchs

s p mos

These pumpkin heads must have been acting up, because they were imprisoned under glass.


I wanted to try some of their food.  After all, it is MY house.  But every time I reached for something, it began to spin around, and those witches just cackled at me!

mvg food

They even turned my clown into a witch!