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Thursday, February 5, 2009


I have just had the MOST FUN! I went to our local book store and met a famous author, and she was so sweet, outgoing, and down-to-earth, and so young and pretty. I had previously read two of her fantastic books, and I purchased two more to have her autograph.

Of course, I'm talking about Michael Lee West ... our very own Gollum (Designs by Gollum)!

She chatted with our town folk as if she had lived here all of her life and as if she were one of us. It made us feel so special.

I was SO proud and SO name-dropping crazy, because I was able to say I "know" her (you know, telling everyone about her beautiful home and what lovely tablescapes she does)! If they got the impression that I had been to visit her in her home, that wasn't my fault! I never intended to leave that impression!

Actually, she and I threw the word "blog" around the entire time she was here, so I'm sure everyone there figured out that I was just one of the many admiring fans who visit her blog. That didn't stop me from puffing out what little chest I have, and acting like I was special because I "know" her (even if before today, it was just "virtual")!

I was so busy bragging about my "friendship" that the author did not get much of a chance to talk (sorry Michael Lee). Of course, when I'm around NOBODY gets much of a chance to talk (sorry world), but you would think I'd let a famous, visiting author talk! You know what they say, "pride goeth before the fall". I am now feeling horrible about Michael Lee coming all of this way to talk about her book, and then having to sit there and listen to ME talk! I do sincerely apologize Michael Lee.

Michael Lee, thank you so much for coming to visit our little book store in our little town and especially for being so generous and kind that we felt like you were just "one of us", instead of a famous author. I had a great time, and if you haven't figured it out, I was very proud to say that I "know" you. Oh wow! Now I don't have to put the word "know" in quotations when I'm talking about her! Just think of all of the name dropping I can do since I really do know Michael Lee West! laurie