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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Two fantastic bloggers, Tardevil at Confessions of a 40-something Mama Queen AND Lynette at Lynette's L.A.M. Blog, have honored me with this cute "A Perfect Blend of Friendship" Award. Now, I'm giving you fair warning, you shouldn't get me started about friends. I could blog for days about friendship (but I'll try to keep it a little shorter than that). I guess I should have given you that warning BEFORE you sent me these friendship questions. Too late now!

1. Do you have the same friends since childhood?

I have lived in the same town all of my life (and still do), except for brief years away when my husband was in the military and when he attended graduate school. Apparently, I will follow him..wherever he may go... Okay, not the subject at hand, sorry.

I was fortunate enough to grow up on one of those "Mayberry" type streets. Melinda and Morgan lived right down the street from me, and we played out in the streets, in each other's homes, and in the yards from sunup until sundown! Melinda, Morgan, my sister, Julie, and I formed a club one summer and put a sign on the door to my parent's storage room that said "PRIVIT". When my mother pointed out that "private" is spelled with an "e" on the end, Melinda (the genius of our little group) said, That is because we are the Privit Private Secret Society! That's how we became the PPSS Club! Melinda, my "bestest" childhood friend is still one of my "bestest" friends even though we live miles apart. Our friend, Morgan, died some years ago, and left a void in the PPSS Club.
Melinda, Laurie and Morgan

I am also blessed to have several other childhood friends, whom I get to see frequently, (Susie, Cindy, Susan, Sha, Niki, and Ginger), and when we get together (Melinda too, of course), I always feel that we've never been apart. Believe me, we can do some serious talking and giggling! And no, it's not me doing ALL of the talking .... but, it IS me doing a lot of the talking. I am also very blessed to have a friend in my sister-in-law, Brenda, (She was my friend BEFORE I started dating her brother), and she has remainded my friend even after becoming my s-i-l.

2. What do you value most about your friends?

Since we are talking about friends I've had since childhood, I have to say that our memories together are one of the things I value about them. I value the fact that they probably know me better than almost anyone else, and they still love me (I think). I have been so blessed with very long-time friendships, and just thinking of them puts a smile on my face. (Yeah, I feel kind of silly sitting here, typing away, with a big grin on my face.)

3. What is your favorite activity to share with friends?

I know this is going to come as a shock to everyone, but my favorite activities with friends are just TALKING and laughing and TALKING SOME MORE!!

(pictures are from a book by Heidi Wozpiak, which was given to me by my friend, Susie)

Next, I am supposed to share this award with 4 other bloggers. So....

I'm passing this award on to Gloria at Happy To Be; Chari at Happy To Design; (and, I know, I'm cheating again-sorry) Cindy (who has no blog) and Connie (who has no blog), but they are very dear cyber friends, and I want to share this award with them (I just put on my big girl panties again and broke the rules!)

laurie (bargainhunr)