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Friday, November 14, 2008


My good cyber friend, Vanna (LVROFTIQUES on RMS) has some of the most beautiful and interesting antiques I've ever seen. That is why I asked her if I could feature a room in her home as my first "Share a Room Saturday". Vanna graciously consented, and I am so excited to show you this room. Hopefully, she is the first of future "Share a Room Saturday" guests on my blog, as I hope to share beautifully-decorated rooms of some friends who don't have a blog (Oops! I may have just lost all of my non-blogging friends!). Vanna not only has beautiful tiques, she is also a hoot, so I'm just going to let her take you on a tour of her gorgeous family room. I'm tellin' you, you're gonna love this.


My French Country-ish Family Room:

Howdy y'all!!My dear friend Laurie asked me to be her first guest for her "Share a room Saturday" And I'm so thrilled to be asked!This is the most country french of all my rooms (at least I think it is.....)And the room where I spend the most time. I'm so happy to share it with her (and you!*winks*)

I've decorated it almost entirely with flea market, estate sale, garage sale and Goodwill finds. So if it looks like junque? Well y'all know why! Lol!

The french armoire was a craigslist find at $250, and houses all my TV stuffs.The french chair by the window was a $125 find at a local antique store. And the antique table sitting next to it was $65 at an auction.The sofy was a consignment find at an antique store for $300. It was love at first sight! There's a whole long story that goes with it that can be viewed on RMS. But I digress.... The art nouveau planter of a mother and daughter is one of my favorite things! (You'll hear me say that a lot! *winks*)

A closeup of the coffee table (A $135 antique store find) and the mother daughter planter. Isn't it sweet?

Moving clockwise is the fireplace flanked by some of my antique 12 months of the year prints. Found at a garage sale for $10! I have them scattered all over my house.

A closeup of one of the prints. This one is September.

Still moving clockwise, one of my favorite slag lamps with one of my beloved french spelter figures.

Here is my sofy. Not the most attractive shot but you get the jist *winks*

My 1840's secretary. One of my favorite pieces of furniture. I found this at an auction for a steal, and when my hubby saw what I'd purchased he was shocked and said "It's so not you!" But I really love the beautiful old flame mahogany. Oh....and if anything sits still for very long...I'll put a tassel on it!*winks* Lol!!

Yet another favorite...Yeah I know!...AGAIN!..... There's a whole long story to go with this one too. As there are most of my stuffs *winks*But I'll give you the shorter version. My sister and I were discussing one day, which piece of art in our homes was our favorite? I told her this carved portrait of a young girl was probably mine. She said "Oh honey, I hate to break this to you...But that's a boy! He has an adams apple" And danged if she wasn't right! (Don't ever tell her I said so *winks*) Guess I'm not very observant! But WHATEVER!! It's still one of my faves! Lol!!

View from the back side of the sofy. Another one of my beloved french spelter statues. This one titled "Fleurs de Printemps" (Flowers of spring) And a bouillotte lamp that I found at the Goodwill. My DH said "The last thing you need is another lamp!" Silly man! As if anyone could ever get enough charming lamps *winks* And while I do appreciate my DH's opinion, I have found that if I love it...or even like it strongly? Well, better safe than sorry right? Lol! I'm glad I took it home. What do y'all think?

Here is a shout out for help! I have tried for years to identify what this bronze box was used for? It's victorian and features hunting motifs 8"x5".I thought maybe a cigar box? Or maybe a gentleman's dresser box? If anyone here knows please give me a holler.

On the other side of my sofy (yes I know it's a sofa....I like sofy better...I'm quirky like that. and yes....other words have also been used lol!)is my treasures armoire. Full of all kinds of whoosy whatsits. No rhyme or reason here...If I like something?...In it goes! Lol!

Some of my treasure...Oh boy, lots of stories in here!

Some plates given to me by friends and family. I love old plates!

A couple of my busts...Yep yet another collection. "What don't you collect?" you ask. Well NOT MUCH! That's fer sure! Lol!!

Love this handsome boy by the name of Virgile. And the little french general is a sweet little painting on ivory.

On the opposite side of the room is a billiards table (hubby HAD to have it!) The two dogs lounging are two of our four fur babies. Shelby (lrg) and Jewel aka/ Juju bear (pom)

In the far corner is a working telephone booth that came from a boutique hotel.It was an anniversary gift from me to my hubby (He's quirky too!)

The right side of my billiards area features a 1912 upright grand piano. One of two grands in my house...And I don't play a note! Found at a garage sale for $200.

A closeup on the french hunting relief plaques above the piano. Aren't they wonderfully detailed?

I carried this french bust titled litige (litigation) home in my lap on my last trip to france. I thought my legs would never work again! Anyhoo I collect sheep figures also. For those of you who already know me...Ya'll know I'm a bit of a black sheep *winks*

The left corner of my billiards room with a darling little bird (Rexy) from my dear friend Lynne's shop (decorator101 on RMS & you can visit her shop at Lynne's Gifts From the Heart blog) And some pix of my mom at 16.

Behind the library screen hides a pinball machine (much to my dismay) Another one of those things that hubby just "LOVED" What could I do? Some concessions had to be made for all the lamps.....Chairs....sheep......chandeliers.....Well you get the picture *winks*

Other side of the room.

Close up on the table with a darling cherub found on ebay. Sometimes you can find the neatest things for cheaps!

We've come full circle. I hope you enjoyed the tour. Are your eyes still working? Would you like a refill on that hot spiced cider? Perhaps some more cookies? Come on! Just one more won't hurt ya! Vanna


I am so grateful to Vanna for giving us this tour of her beautiful family room. Remember to stop by and see her on RMS (LVROFTIQUES). laurie