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Friday, August 13, 2010


fav_thngs_cmbnd_thumb[1][1]When we remodeled our home, I became obsessive about sinks (and of course about bargain sinks especially)!  We were on our way to an out-of-town wedding one time, when I spotted a sale sign.  My husband says I have SSR-(sale sign radar.)  I convinced my husband that we had just enough time to stop and see what they had.  A salesman, who had become disgruntled with Kohler, had marked all of his Kohler sinks WAY down!  Within 30 minutes, I had paid for four sinks, and had them loaded in my car in time to get to the wedding!  My sinks in our home have become a favorite thing of mine (aren’t you glad I didn’t go crazy over toilets?). 

This sink is in my bathroom and was one of the Kohler bargains.

my sink

 This pedestal sink is in our guest bathroom.gst bthrm2

gust bath

This sink, (which just happened to match tiles that we had bought in Mexico years ago) was found in a junk store.  (I was really concerned that this would not be a bargain, because I was just sure it would have a leak, and I’d have to buy another sink, but thankfully, it didn’t leak.)  I had this sink set into an old washstand in our powder room.


pwdr rm The Mickey and Minnie sink was another of the Kohler bargains, and it is in our wet bar.

bar snk

Our kitchen prep sink was a Kohler bargain too.  Right now, it is filled with summer’s bounty, which is one of the things I think of when I think of summer, so I’m linking to Summer Sundays at The Tablescaper.

prep sink


I hope this post didn’t give you a sinking feeling.  Thank you for coming to visit my blog.  I hope you’ll go visit the other Favorite Things posts shown below.  laurie