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Thursday, November 25, 2010



I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  As some of you may know, I host approximately 30 family members for Thanksgiving dinner. Since I also have a full time job, I am one very insane busy person the week before Thanksgiving.  I knew there was a local estate auction the Saturday before Thanksgiving, but I also knew there was no way I could spend my Saturday at an auction when I had so many casseroles and desserts to get into the refrigerator. 

My husband decided he would drop by the auction just to see what was there.  He called me and said “Laurie, I think this lady had more stuff than you have”!  “Impossible” I said!  My dear husband then made the fatal mistake…. “you should see all of the tables filled with china”!  After about a half an hour of arguing with myself about going to the auction, I said to myself – “Okay Laurie, you know you aren’t going to pass up the opportunity to see the home of someone who had more junk than you have”, so I gave in and went – you know … just to see if they really did have more junk than me!

I’ve attended a few auctions in my day, but this is the first auction I’ve attended where two auctioneers were working the same auction at the same time!  They had me running back-and-forth and forth-and-back all day long.  Yes! I stayed until the last box was auctioned!  The bargains were just too amazing to pass up (even if I did have to stay up all night cooking for Thanksgiving dinner).  Some of the bargains I got are my current favorite things.

Apparently, this lady loved bargains as much as I do (As I ran around trying to keep up with two auctioneers, I really started to worry about what my children are going to do with all of this junk I keep accumulating.  I’ve always thought they’d just get a dumpster and throw it all away, but I’m thinking they’ll have to have several dumpsters!)  The difference between this hoarder bargain hunter and me was that if she found a bargain, she apparently bought all they had, so she had collected multiples of a lot of junk!  When I find a bargain, I usually only buy one for me (and maybe another to give as a gift).  This lady had multiples of new, unopened, tags still on them items! 

You may remember the duck platter that I bought on our trip to Lebanon, Tennessee.  She had four of those platters with different scenes on them.  The auctioneer was taking bids, and the high bidder would get their choice of the platters.  I had the high bid at $7.00!  When he asked which one I wanted, I said “all four”!  Others, who were waiting to see if I would pick the platter they wanted, stood with open mouths as I took all four platters (my husband also stood with open mouth).  Some tried to purchase one from me.  They all (especially my husband) wanted to know what I was going to do with four Fall platters.

platter mos

Boxes and boxes of mismatched china, mismatched glassware, and miscellaneous other junk were being sold for $2.00 each – several of those boxes were bought by this hoarder collector!  In one box, I found four matching covered dishes (I think they are probably candy dishes).  In another box, I found 12 painted coasters.

coastrs cndy dishs

In another box, I found two lime green cornucopias.  My husband wanted to know what I was going to do with those giant snails!


In the bottom of another $2.00 box, I found two matching Blue Ridge plates and another Fall platter!

blue ridge


I bid $3.00 to purchase a box of pressed glass stemware, but when I got it home, in addition to the 16 stems (one was chipped), there were 16 matching footed dessert bowls.

dessert bowls

I bought this divided server for $4.00.


When I unpacked one of my boxes, the joke was on me.  You may recall that just last week, I said I wasn’t bringing anything else that resembled a cloche into my house unless I got it free.  I laughed out loud when I found a cheese server in the bottom of a box!


Of course, in order to fully enjoy the joke, I had to turn it into a “cloche”!


As we were loading the truck with my purchases, my poor husband kept shaking his head and mumbling “what are you going to do with all of this stuff”.  (I imagine others were wondering the same thing!)  So, when I got home, I had to unpack and wash all of those dishes while I was trying to cook food to serve on Thursday.  (On Sunday, I had to find places to put all of that junk that I had washed!)  I also had to prove to my husband that what I bought would be used, by setting the table with a lot of it for our Sunday evening dinner with our daughter and her husband.

tblscp mos

Of course, I didn’t get that pretty ruffled burlap runner from the auction.  I ordered that from Becky at Sweet Cottage Dreams.  I just love it!

full table

So, now you know why I am soooo behind on my blog visiting.  I have been buying MORE china, finding places to put more china in my house, cooking, and serving Thanksgiving dinner to 30 people!  I’ll be by to catch up on my blog reading soon.

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Now it’s time to get all of the Fall décor put away and start getting out the Christmas decor (right after I finish washing the dishes from Thanksgiving dinner)!  I recently heard a woman on television say “I’m not a hoarder; there’s a pathway to walk through my house”!  There are still a few pathways in my house too!  laurie