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Friday, April 9, 2010


ylow bckgrnd Okay, you already know that I’m “kinda” strange, so I’m just “gonna” say it…Some of my favorite things in my home are in my powder room! Can you love a sink Shelia – you bet your toilet paper you can (but don’t bet your toilet paper – you might need it!). I found a washstand in an antique store. The top had a really bad spot in the middle (so, of course, it was a bargain), but I thought I would be able to disguise that. Well, I did a little more than disguise it – I had a carpenter cut the bad spot out of the middle and drop a sink into it.vanity



After my husband served his time in the military, he served in the Army Reserves. He went to Army Reserve Summer Camp in Arizona one year, and we went to Mexico for a weekend while he was there. We bought a box of floral tiles. We’ve used them, in some manner, in every house we’ve lived in since then. That was 35 years ago, and when we moved into this house, these few tiles that are on the backsplash were all we had left. We didn’t grout them-just stuck them up there. It’s not easy to grout hand-made tiles, because each tile is a little different size and thickness.


While I was contemplating how to use the tiles (before I had the hole cut in the top of the washstand), I was amazed to find this sink at a flea market. It was a match to our tiles! With a lot of trepidation, I bought the sink. I was just sure that it would have a hidden crack and would not be useable, but I was lucky. Not only did it match the tiles, there has never been any evidence of a crack in the sink. PICNIC BSKT Another favorite thing in this powder room is this beat up, rusty, old picnic basket. Since this powder room is in our sunroom, it is the closest “potty” to the swimming pool, so it is primarily used by swimmers. I keep a beach towel or two and some sun screen in it, and I hang our pink flamingo towels from the lid. (Pink flamingos are a family joke at our house, so family members keep adding to our collection).


The big mouth frog in the powder room is another of my favorites. It was a gift from my friend, Charlie Ann, and it hangs at “grandchildren height”. (That’s why, in this bathroom diva shot, I’m all hunched over trying to take a picture.)  Ooops! I see spots on the mirror.  Have you ever tried to clean inside a frog’s mouth?  Not easy!

EGG HNT MOS I’ll get you out of the bathroom for my last favorite thing of the day – my four grandchildren and their cousins hunting Easter eggs.

I’m so glad you stopped by to see some of my favorite things today. If you are posting about your favorite things, please copy your link in McLinky below. Be sure to go see everybody’s favorite things. Not only do you get to see some great treasures (like my bathroom!), but we gain a lot of insight into a blogger’s personality by seeing his/her favorite things (don’t ask what it says about me that my favorite things are in my bathroom! Aren’t you glad my toilet isn’t one of my favorites? Well, it is when I need it!). laurie