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Monday, May 7, 2012


When we moved into this house, I had a vision.  I was going to use soft, subtle colors, and my décor was going to be a little sophisticated.  (It’s okay. You can laugh.)sofa endThose built-in shelves were painted cream, and I envisioned books and an accessory or two on each shelf.  Yes, those shelves are in my home.  This is not a retail setting.  The day I put that red print fabric behind the shelves, everything started sliding downhill (I know it’s hard to see the fabric for all the clutter, but it is right there.. on those shelves-- the ones that look like they belong in a store). See that sofa with the solid, cream colored upholstery? I just HAD to add some red pillows to it, and those lamps obviously didn’t come with red shades on them.  I’m not sure how those red shades got there.  I’m sure they were a bargain (bargains are easy to find when you buy what nobody else wants to buy).

other sofa

In the same room, I have this other very softly colored sofa (It’s obviously also a very softly cushioned sofa.  Two of my grands just left here, and I didn’t realize how rumpled my sofa looked until I saw this photo on here. I don’t know why those pillows look like they are trimmed in orange, but that is really a rusty red color. What made me add those pillows to my rumpled subtle sofa?

dng chair

Who said I needed to replace the formerly subdued fabric on these chair seats with red toile?


There are red plaid curtains in this room; red toile valances in the adjoining sunroom; and I currently even have a red tablecloth on the sunroom table.  How did all this red get here?  Nothing subtle about this.


My plan for the sunroom was soft blues and yellows. Okay, there is a blue flower on these predominantly red cushions I added to the sunroom chairs.


Don’t you think my fireplace mantel is subtle; maybe even almost sophisticated?  How did a predominantly red tapestry get on the wall over that fireplace?  (Actually, I did not hang that there…okay, I admit I persuaded my sweetheart to hang it there.)

I’m no longer in denial.  Bright color and clutter make me happy.  Before I added all the red and all the clutter, I felt like nobody lived here.  I officially surrender to clutter and bright color! Even though I love subtle décor, and even though I’d love to live in a sophisticated home, I’m just a bright (I’m talking color not brains) and cluttered kind of gal.

I’m so glad to have you visit me, in spite of my cluttered and not-so-subtle decor.  laurie