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Thursday, March 26, 2009


When Susan at Between Naps on the Porch hosts Tablescape Thursday, I always post a hodge podge tablescape. I'm always apologizing for my hodge podge, but I just can't seem to put together a lovely, matched table. I keep trying though. If you want to see some lovely tablescapes, be sure to go to Between Naps on the Porch for the links.

I tried -- really I did! My tablescape today ALMOST matches! Sigh--maybe someday you'll come visit my blog, and everything will match! (But I have serious doubts about my ability to do that!)

I used this tablecloth in last week's tablescape (I didn't want to have to iron another one this week). Of course, last week, my napkins matched my tablecloth. I couldn't let that happen again, so I've used my blue and white toile napkins this week.
Are you tired of seeing me use a mug tree as a centerpiece? I like to have party favors for my guests, and a mug tree just seems to be an easy way to display the party favors. I did spray paint this one white, so it is a LITTLE different!
And just look what my guest favors are on this tablescape! See those precious Easter tags? Have you seen them somewhere before? If not, you need to go over to Lynn's at The Vintage Nest, and see all of her wonderful designs. I ordered these from her Etsy Store. When I ordered, there were only 6 available, so I ordered all of them. (I would have ordered more if they had been available). To my surprise, when I received my order, sweet Lynn had included extras! That's why I am able to give some to my guests as favors. (If I only had the six that I ordered, I would have been selfish and kept all of them for myself).

One year when I was doing my Christmas shopping, I found an outlet store going out of business (where else would a bargain hunter shop?). They had The Spode Blue Room Collection in just about every pattern they've produced, and the price was SO reduced! I was supposed to be shopping for Christmas gifts for other people (not me!), so I went home and told everyone in my family that I love this china, and that a set would be a good Christmas gift for me (With my family, I can't be subtle about something like this-I have to tell my husband AND both of my children, just so I can hope one of them will remember to get what I've requested).

This is the first time that all of them remembered my "hint"! I got three sets of these dinner plates in 3 different patterns! They were all upset with one another for not letting the other know that they were getting me this gift. What they didn't understand is that I LOVED having all 3 sets and I LOVED that they were all different sets, because, as you've noticed, I LOVE to mix things up.
I always use this transferware when I am serving spaghetti, because I have a blue and white transferware shaker that I like to use for Parmesan Cheese. (As I show you around the table, don't forget to look at each of those Easter tags. Aren't they just precious?)

Okay, I think I was doing a pretty good job with my blue and white color scheme. I was all ready to take my pictures, but I couldn't resist adding my Easter egg cups to the setting (I'm using them for salt cellars-of course, I couldn't use them for their intended purpose).

Thank you so much for visiting my tablescape. Don't forget to go to Between Naps on the Porch to get links to a lot of tablescapes (most of them will even be lovely, coordinated and matching tablescapes)! I just love when you visit and leave a comment. laurie