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Friday, January 16, 2009


Although I entitled this post "Share a Space", I really am not sharing a space as much as I'm sharing things that are in the space. This is my grandchildren's overnight room (I occasionally let adult guests stay here too), and it is filled with my "junk". I am not posting these rooms to show you my decor, because I know I have let them become too cluttered. This is where I store a LOT of my memories (I know the organizing experts would say that the memories are in my head and heart, and I don't need to keep all of this junk - well, maybe my head and heart are too full, and I need these reminders). Whatever the case, I cannot stand to part with all of this junk that I call memories. As my friend, Glenda, says, "I don't suffer from insanity, I rather enjoy it".

So, please forgive the way the room looks, and come see some of my memories.

Inherited quilts and purchased quilts hold special memories for me.

Several years ago, when I had a yard sale with a friend, she was selling this cute vintage lamb rug, and I bought it. (And I wonder why I don't make money when I have a yard sale!)

I even had my husband build a cornice across the window wall, so I could put MORE stuff in the room! The bears at the tea party are wearing hats that were mine when I was a child (yep, those are some old hats!)

More quilts and some of my Hardy Boy and Nancy Drew books. Miss Janice, do you see my mother's "McCall's Book of Etiquette"?

These little shelves hold some of my childhood memories. Easter purses were a big deal for me when I was a child.

The iron doll bed belonged to my mother, and my grandmother made the "crazy quilt" for it.

This child's chair belonged to my mother.

I wore these to church many times when I was growing up. They were called pinafores. I don't guess they are around any more.

My Barbie doll, my mother's Asian doll, and my mother's Christening gown are in this corner of the cabinet, along with some of my doll baby bottles. I guess I forgot to get a picture of my vintage Barbie case on top of this cabinet (it's so amazing to me that things I played with as a child are now referred to as "vintage")!

The christening gown is from 1910. When I was cleaning out the family home and found it, it looked terrible (you know, those yellow stains that old clothing gets). I used a product called "Nancy's Vintage Wash, and it came out beautifully! I promise it looks better than my children's gowns. I can't find Nancy's Vintage Wash any more, but I'm sure there are other products that work just as well.

Isn't the needlework pretty?

I wanted to grow up to be a cowgirl (or maybe even a cowboy!) I spent a lot of hours in these vests and that cowgirl skirt.

The following pictures are of the guest bathroom, which is next to this bedroom. It has become kind of a joke in our family. You've probably heard people say "I'm going to the library" when they go to the restroom. At my house, they say, "I'm going to the museum" when they go to the restroom! Once again, I feel a need to do a little "splainin" for those who have not read my earlier postings, and for those who are like me, and can't remember what they read in earlier postings. I live in the home I grew up in. My parents built this home and my maternal grandparents lived in the home with us. This home was built in 1949, and the same family of "packrats" have lived in it since then. Therefore, when my parents and grandparents had died, and my sister and I were left with the house, the attics, the closets, and the outdoor storage rooms were filled to the brim. What is even more amazing than that is that we turned the attic into rooms, and I brought almost all of the "junk" from the attics, etc. out into the open! Now that part, I can't "splain"!

When we remodeled this house, this was the only bathroom that retained the original tile. Our addition to the house caused me to lose a window in this bathroom. Knowing that I can always use another place to put "stuff", I had a back and shelves added to the window opening. The shelves are filled with "stuff" that I cannot make myself throw out (although I know I should). It is just fun and interesting for me to come in here and see these things.

I know....who in their right mind would keep a cardboard powder box. Well, I never said I was in my right mind. I just love the graphics on this box. I think it belonged to my grandmother.

Inside the box was a tiny scroll. I unrolled it, and it was apparently an ad for a movie.

I had to put weights on the ends to hold it down for the picture. The bottom of the ad is apparently missing.

The Snow White handkerchief was mine. The pin cushion doll was my grandmother's. Those china things that look like candles are cigarette lighters. The flame lifts off to expose the lighter. I think my mother used them on bridge tables (back when smoking was not forbidden).

I've always thought this little framed motto was interesting. It was in the attic of our home when I was growing up, and when I went to the attic to play house, I would hang it on a nail as my decor! I even had junk in my play house!

Another picture that used to decorate my "play house". Before I could read, I just loved it because it had a dog on it.

The box for the "Wireless" Ice Bag is just too funny to throw away, and I love the "Butts Only" ashtray.

The sink is the only thing I replaced in this bathroom. (Well, I did replace the toilet, but I didn't think you'd want to see a picture of that).
And yes, I almost became a bathroom diva. It is hard to take pictures in a small bathroom without getting caught in the mirror.

There is a small dressing room adjoining this bathroom. I am showing it, so I can tell you about the day my dear husband came home and threatened to throw away my stencil brushes! I got a little carried away in this dressing room! The room just looked so plain to me, so I started stenciling
And stenciling some more.

And when I ran out of walls, doors and vanity drawers, I stenciled the ceiling!

Thank you so much for coming by and sharing some of my memories with me. laurie