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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Rose, at A Santamakers Journey, is hosting "Monday No Brainer Dinners". I got so excited about this, because anything "no brainer" is right up my alley. So, I immediately told Rose to sign me up. I still have a touch of flu brain though, and I couldn't come up with anything. So I decided you might need a no brainer dessert after your no brainer dinner.

Life's Short ....Eat Dessert First!

You can't get much easier or much more delicious than this:

2 Granny Smith Apples

2 cans refrigerated Regular Crescent Rolls

1 & 1/2 cups Sugar

2 sticks margarine (or if your sinful like me, use butter!)

Teaspoon cinnamon

1 Can Mountain Dew!!


Peel apples and slice into 8 wedges (I use one of those little contraptions that cuts 8 slices at once).

Roll each crescent roll out and wrap each apple slice in a crescent roll,

beginning at the large end of the triangle and finishing with the triangle tip.

Place each wrapped apple in a pan with sides (I use a Pyrex pan)

Melt margarine (or sinfully delicious butter)

Add sugar and cinnamon

Pour butter mixture over wrapped apples

Pour can of Mountain Dew over top!!

Bake @350 for 45 mins.

Top with ice cream; french vanilla Cool Whip; or nothing. Also, great to microwave one for breakfast ....that is if you have any left over (I've been known to hide one or two).

Delicious any way you serve it.


I've always wondered what the Mountain Dew does for this recipe. One time, when I didn't have any on hand, I made it without the Mountain Dew, and it really wasn't as good.

Be sure to go to A Santamakers Journey to find some great recipes for meals.

laurie (bargainhunr)