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Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Christmas 1

The stockings are hung (but not by the chimney) with care.

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Christmas table 1 2013
At Christmastime, all of the family members who were here for Thanksgiving return for Christmas Eve dinner.  So, we have as many place setting for Christmas Eve as we do for Thanksgiving.  We usually seat  between 25 and 30.

Saturday, November 30, 2013



For this week’s Seasonal Sundays, The Tablescaper is hosting a “Christmas Past” event.  I can’t share my past Christmas décor, because my décor looks the same from year-to-year.  If I posted Christmas décor from previous years, I’d have to skip posting this year’s décor, because it would look the same.

Monday, December 26, 2011


There is a rumor going around that Christmas is over and Christmas trees, Santas, villages, and even nativities have to be put away for a year!  Please tell me that is just a rumor.  I just got all of this Christmas décor out.  Please tell me I don’t have to start putting it all away!  I know Santa ate all of the cookies we decorated (even though the icing and sprinkles were thicker than the cookies themselves)…
cookies for Santa
and he delivered our miniature donuts to the elves (decorated Cheerios – a little tedious and a huge mess),
donuts btr
I know that 25 adult family members shared Christmas Eve dinner in our home...
tbl for 10 cmbnd
sunrm tbl cmbnd
table in front of stockings cmbnd
frplc tbl cmbnd
and I know that 7 children shared Christmas Eve dinner in our home.
chldrens tbl full-vert
I know that our Christmas Eve pageant included a “Baby Jesus” who was much too large to play the part (and who fell out of the basket twice during the pageant), and a shepherd who insisted on wearing a straw hat (and who managed to only knock over one thing with his cane), and one of the three kings who wore an Ole Miss football jersey to go visit baby Jesus (yikes-I would have had no objections to an Arkansas Razorback jersey!), and a few who decided to depart the pageant prior to the photo shoot.
I know that we must have all been good this year, because on Christmas morning Santa was good to everybody.
Christmas am
I know that our home was a complete disaster on Christmas Day when our children and their spouses were trying to figure out how to get monetary gifts out of a pinball game (which took a little time).
pinball machines
But, pu-leeeease don’t tell me I have to put away all of this Christmas now!
decor mos-horz
Obviously, I am avoiding putting it away by playing on my blog.  Hopefully, next year I can look back at this blog post BEFORE I start decorating for Christmas and recall the monumental task of putting away Christmas décor.  Do you think that will turn me into a Christmas décor minimalist?  Nah, I’m not that smart!  (Edited to Add:  My first comment on this post was from Priscilla, who reminded me that I can leave them all up until January 6th – Epiphany!  What a wonderful comment. Thanks Priscilla!  I have an excuse to not rush the “undecorating” process. Of course, I have to start now to have it all put away by the 6th of January!)
I hope your Christmas was as joyous (but not as big a mess) as our Christmas.  Thank you for coming to see yet another Christmas post on my blog!  Laurie

Monday, December 27, 2010


Yes, I know that Christmas is over and that everyone is tired of seeing my Christmas décor.  HOWEVAH, as slowly as I’m moving toward taking down the Christmas décor, I may not be doing another tablescape for several months!  So, I’m sharing my Christmas Eve tablescapes today.  (Note: I did not put wine stems on the tables, because, on Christmas Eve, people who are drinking wine already have their stems before dinner and bring them to the table when we eat.)
tbl 4 10
place stg
TBL 4 8
TBL 4 5

tbl 4 4 again
chldr tbls
(Table for 10 – Fitz & Floyd,Country Plaid; Table for 8 – Nikko, Classic Collection; Table for 5 – Wedgwood, Winter Festival; Table for 4 – The Cellar, O Tannenbaom; Children’s Tables – Corelle, My First Christmas.  I have had all of these for a long time.  The Nikko set was a gift from my Mother years ago.  The other sets were purchased at going out of business sales and estate sales.)   This year, I tried something different.  I do have 2 dishwashers, which is one of my more brilliant decisions when remodeling the kitchen.  For Thanksgiving and Easter (when our large family also joins us), I don’t have to worry about getting them all washed and put up before another dinner the next day.  I have spent many Christmas Eve nights, coming home from church and loading dishwashers all night long, so that everything would look festive for the Christmas Day celebration.  This year, I gave our guests clear plastic plates to fill with food and place on top of the china plates on the tables (and yes, I did throw the plastic plates in the trash)!  It was not a very green thing to do, but it could be that running two dishwashers all night is not very green either.  It REALLY made my Christmas Eve much easier, so I think I’ve now had my second brilliant idea, and I believe it will, henceforth, be a Christmas Eve tradition (as long as I’m hosting 35 or more people for dinner)!
I’ll be linking this post to Marty’s Table Top Tuesday (A Stroll Thru Life) and to Susan’s Tablescape Thursday (Between Naps on the Porch.).
I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas.  I think the 35 family members who joined us for Christmas Eve, and the 10 family members who joined us for Christmas day enjoyed celebrating the birth of Christ.  Thank you for visiting my blog, in spite of the fact that I am still sharing Christmas.  laurie