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Friday, July 10, 2009


I am joining Felecia at Playing Dishes for a Christmas in July Tablescape Party. Are you ready to start seeing Christmas tablescapes? Maybe Christmas tablescapes can make us feel like it's not really as hot outside as the thermometer says. It's worth a try! Let's go check out all of the Christmas tablescape links on Felecia's blog, and just see if we feel that cold Christmas season air.

Please be my guest at my Christmas tea party. You might not want to sample the cookies though, since this is a table I did last Christmas (those cookies may be a little on the stale side!)

Of course, at Christmas time, we give gifts to our friends, so I'm giving gifts to 3 of my guests! You know how all of these efficient bloggers have a giveaway when they reach 100 posts on their blog? Well, believe it or not, that has happened on my blog (only, it happened about 10 posts ago!) I was just posting away, without looking at the number of posts. When I started looking for a picture of a Christmas table, so I could participate in this event, I was shocked to realize that this would be my 111th post! Never thought I'd make it to 100, and now I've passed 100 and didn't even know it!

One of my tea party visitors will receive this bird votive candle holder.

Another guest will receive vintage Miss Kitty. She looks like she is watering the garden with her little water can, but she's really ready to pour tea for your next tea party.

And finally, a third guest will receive this vintage teacup and saucer.

If I had done a giveaway on my 100th post, I would probably have just given away one gift, but since I passed that milestone before I realized it, I felt I had to do a little better than one gift. I really wish I could send something to every person who leaves a comment on my blog. You are such special people, and I would never have made it to 111 posts without all of your encouragement and kindness.

All you need to do to have a chance to be one of my winning tea party guests is leave me a comment to let me know you were here. If you would like your name put in the drawing for a specific gift, please tell me in your comment which gift you would like to win, and I will put your name in that drawing only. On Tuesday, July 14, I will draw 3 names, each of whom will win a prize. If you don't have a blog, please leave your email address, so that I can contact you if you win.

I had my Christmas in July excitement today! I received a painting by the very talented Fifi Flowers at Fifi Flowers Design Decor! I was SO excited and SO flattered when she painted a picture of my picnic basket in my posting for the White Tablescape Party hosted by Cuisine Kathleen a few weeks ago! I had to have that painting, and it arrived yesterday. Thank you Fifi! It's beautiful!




Isn't it wonderful? I am so proud to have it, and I can't wait to frame it.

Don't forget to go to Playing Dishes and find links to all of the Christmas tablescapes in Blogville today. laurie THANK YOU FOR COMING BY MY BLOG. SORRY, BUT REGISTRATION FOR PRIZE DRAWINGS ENDED AT 5:00 TUES., JULY 14, 2009.