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Friday, December 5, 2008


I am so excited to have Christine as my guest for Share A Space Saturday. I have "met" a lot of cyber friends, but Christine is the only one whom I have met in person, and she is as sweet and as cute in person as she comes across in her comments. You may have seen her elegant decor on Rate My Space and Micasa, but I asked Christine to share with us some facts about her beautiful furnishings and lovely treasures. Before I ask Christine to take us on a tour, I am going to share a picture of the two of us when we met in person. Christine is the young-looking one with that gorgeous long dark hair.

Christine is going to take us on a tour of her fabulous dining room, which is decked out for Christmas and for a dinner party she is having.
Thanks to Rhoda's tutorial over at Southern Hospitalitiy, I think my pictures are now "clickable".

First, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! It is so sweet of Laurie to invite me to showcase our dining room in her blog. Although I am nervous about it, especially after following Vanna, Laurie and Connie's gorgeous home posts, I couldn't possibly say no, for Laurie is a dearest friend. As a matter of fact, she is the first and only one I met personally out of all my RMS cyber friends.

Now on to the tour: The front entry will lead you to the foyer. But don't go straight which leads to the family room, or you will be challenged to a game of Scrabble. Both dh and I are very competitive and we've actually memorized all the 2 and 3 letter words. LOL!

Our carolers greet you along with some presents that I wrapped and put in a wooden box.

Turn left and here before you is the dining room with its bold wallpaper. On the wallpaper are peacocks, although I think they are Birds of paradise (if there is such a thing). I mentioned that first, for you to understand where my peacock theme idea of the tablescape started.

Going clockwise, to the left is a small corner curio cabinet. My dh bought it at half price from a store in Jackson which was closing. They sold mostly wooden furniture from Thailand, India, Indonesia and Singapore. This particular one was made in Indonesia. Serving pieces are stored at the bottom shelf and on the top shelf are my jar collection that I buy from different countries we visit. How do you like the peacock lampshade? I bought it from The centerpiece is one of a pair of Meissen lady compotes that we won at a recent estate auction here in town.

Here is a closeup of the Meissen centerpiece and a little peacock figurine I bought at 1/2 price in a local shop. I added ribbons and placed Christmas balls on all the compotes to make them look more festive.

Here is an overview of the dining room looking in from the foyer.

Between the windows is a French buffet server that I bought on ebay from an antique store in NY. I believe it is Louis XVI style with bronze ormolu and a cherub medallion. I keep more serving pieces in it, some stemware and in the top drawer is where my Siam flatware set sleeps. BTW, I have a complete set of 24 servings and they can't fit there so half of them are still in their wooden case in the garage.
On top of the buffet is a Meissen 4 season compote, a figurine of 3 angels that was one of the first ones we purchased from an antique shop here when we first moved and a bird. The 3 angel figure was only $15 and I grabbed it from a table in the back room. Also on top is a buffet lamp and a small lamp I bought from Lynne (decorator 101). I really love this lamp, in fact I keep it on all the time. You can change the sleeves for different seasons. The painting above is another one I got from ebay from the same NY antique shop. I think I am one of his favorite customers. He calls me every now and then.

At the left far corner is a little curio pedestal I bought on line from Home Decorators. Yes, I shop a lot on line but then again, I shop a lot off line too. LOL! As you can see, I keep more stemware there and above it is the another Meissen Lady compote. Hanging on the wall is a gold ornate mirror I won on ebay from a NY antique shop. Most of the things we buy are really not true antiques, merely reproduction. We just like the look.

On the right side of the wall is a French provincial cabinet that dh kept admiring every time we went to Red Door in Baton Rouge. It has very unusual multiple doors that are made of bronze or brass, I am not quite sure which one. It was like a ritual. Every time we went to that store, he would pull me out of the area where I would be shopping, to take a look at this cabinet. After a year, the store had reduced it $600 and dh again pulled me to it to show me. I told him that if he really likes it, he should get it and we will make room for it somehow, so it ended up here. I did not appreciate it at first but once I used it to store more servers, tea sets and dinnerware pieces, I was glad we bought it. Above the cabinet, we stored 3 porcelain pieces that we won at an estate auction. The one in the center is Victorian with stag, hunters and hounds and it's quite large, 23 x 17 and very heavy! We had a tough time lifting it up there but we have no other place elsewhere to put it. The other 2 are celest blue Meissen vases. The door next to it leads to the kitchen.

A closeup of the centerpiece and lidded vases.

This tree was in the family room last year but I decided to put it here cause I found my white tree which I thought will look better in the family room.

Notice the 2 peacock ornaments? I bought one from and the other from JC Penney's.

This is one of my favorite furniture items in the house. I love how the glass is curved or concave. And yes, I found it on ebay from a Pennsylvania antique shop. I couldn't find anybody to move it cheaply so we waited 6 months before it was finally delivered, but it was well worth the wait. The inside light can be turned on just by touching the outside hinge. I was in FL when it came but I could tell dh was in love with it by the way he described it to me on the phone. In there, I keep my good Bavarian formal china with gold and silver borders, which I picked so I can use either color of servers.

I added wreaths behind each chair.

We are actually having a dinner party on Monday so this tablescape is not going to be wasted. I used 2 kinds of stemware, a Princess house goblet with a poinsettia design and a green wine glass I bought from TJ Maxx. I bought the tablecloth with the napkins from Grand Cayman. I don't know why but every time we go there, I end up buying 1 or 2 tablecloth sets and we go there every year so you can imagine how many sets I accumulated. The lidded server is another princess house item. I like to serve noodles in it.

Just another view of the table.

The dinnerware was actually recommended to me by Laurie. She thought it will go perfectly with our wallpaper and I think she is right. What do you think? You have seen my flatware from my Fall tablescape. My cousin gave me a 12-place setting. They are from Thailand and they have "Siam" inscribed on the handles. They are made out of brass or bronze (it's hard for me to tell which is which) with mahogany handles. I liked them so much that one day, I searched on ebay and found another set of 12 which I bought, so now I have a complete 24 place setting. You must know by now that I am an ebay seller's dream. LOL!

Another view of our 8 place dining table

Do you see the big peacock centerpiece? I bought this from a local frame and gift shop at half price. I tried to bargain with the owner but she would not let it go for less than half. I think it looks good there, don't you think? I usually keep it on top of the buffet but since I am doing a tablescape with peacock dinnerware, I thought it will complete the look.

Laurie, thank you for the opportunity for me to share our dining room with your readers. I hope we don't scare them away. For the readers, I appreciate you putting up with reading my wordy descriptions.

Christine, thank you so much for this tour of your elegant dining room. If I haven't scared everyone away from my blog with my postings, this gorgeous room certainly won't scare anyone away.
Thank you for stopping by my blog for Share A Space Saturday. laurie