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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


There really isn’t much to my little tablescapes that I am posting this week, so I hope I can get away with doing some chatting between photos. Isn’t blogging wonderful? If Laurie gets wound up with that chatting she’s so fond of, you can just skip the chatting and look at the photos. (Sorry, but I don’t even have much of a tablescape to show you on this post. I’m afraid there’s more chatting that tablescaping going on here.)
[SUPERBOWL TABLE (I know the Superbowl is so over, but since I wanna join Tablescape Thursday, I’m going to post my Superbowl table) It didn’t matter to me what team pennants I used as placemats. (These hung on the walls in my son’s room when he was a teen. Yes, I still have them!) Ribbon taped to the green plastic table covering are supposed to suggest yard lines. The tray in the center was a giveaway years ago with a purchase of Old El Paso taco shells.]
I have admitted before that I am very technologically challenged, so it will come as no surprise to many of you that over the last few days, I have done some serious struggling fighting with my computer!
For a long time, I read on posts that bloggers had switched from posting their blog through Blogger to using Windows Live Writer. Okay, I had to be dragged into the computer era, kicking and screaming. The same with Live Writer – NO! I yelled. I just figured out what I’m doing on Blogger. I WILL NOT switch to something. I WILL NOT attempt to learn something new! NO WAY! It’s not worth it!
Howevah, several months ago, Cuisine Kathleen convinced me that I HAD to try Windows Live Writer. Oh, Live Writer, WHERE have you been for all of my blogging life? (Oh yeah, you’ve been right here...I’m the one who was too stubborn to try you. I had no idea you were so easy-peasy to use!). Okay, I can admit it when I’m wrong, and I was REALLY wrong about Live Writer! I Red heartLive Writer now! Thanks for shoving me into a little advancement Kathleen!
Howevah ( do ya think I like that word?), last Wednesday, when I left the office, I couldn’t wait to get home and get my party post up. I was so excited about seeing the linkups. I already had the post ready. All I had to do was click “Publish”. But…
Wait just a minute! What happened? What is this message that tells me that publishing my post is being prohibited? Now, let me just say, that I was handling things pretty well at that point. I just exited Live Writer; re-opened it; and with confidence, clicked on “publish post” again. I was just wondering who would link up first when I got the same message again!! YIKES! I had nevah, evah had any trouble publishing my posts in Live Writer – it’s so easy. Any other time, I could have handled this without panic, but I tell ya, I wanted to see the links! I probably tried 10 more times to publish that post, before I had reached the point of DES-PER-A-TION!
page 2

That’s when I called in the reinforcements. My son-in-law (bless his heart..he still has trouble saying “no” to his mother-in-law) came over and spent about an hour trying to get the post to publish. The whole time he was working on my computer, I was pacing the floor behind him, wringing my hands and chattering about how I’m having this party. My s-i-l asked why I was playing around on the computer if I was having a party. Of course, my response that the party was on the computer, brought all kinds of questions from him. I had reached the breaking point when I snapped at him “you are not here to learn about parties in Blogville, you are here to get my party posted to my blog!” By this time, it was 8:00 at night, so I told him I couldn’t wait any longer. I was just going to have to reload all of my photos for the party on Blogger and get this thing posted (I did thank him for trying though---I hadn’t lost all of my manners – yet!).
napkin WAVE
When I began trying to re-load the first photo in Blogger, I was told that I had used up all of my photo storage space. This was a “hit-my-hand-on-my-forehead, V8” moment! Of course! Live Writer wasn’t able to warn me that I was close to exceeding my photo storage space. I went to Picasa and paid the $5.00 for more storage space, and it immediately enabled me to post my party from Live Writer! Whew! Disaster averted, but my party posted much later than I had intended. So, if you had been over to my blog, waiting to link to the party, and it wasn’t there yet, I apologize. It certainly isn’t fashionable to be late for your own party!
[CHINESE NEW YEAR TABLE (Sarah at Hyacinths for the Soul convinced me that I should teach my grandchildren something about the Chinese New Year, so we did a little reading about the celebration of Chinese New Year. My grandchildren and I loved the idea of the Festival of Lanterns, which is held on the 14th day of the Chinese New Year celebration. This year, February 17, is the date that the Lantern Festival occurs. This past weekend, my grandchildren and the rest of the family celebrated the Chinese New Year Festival of Lanterns early. We had so much fun. Thank you for the inspiration Sarah.]
I just know you are going to start rolling your eyes now, but I’m going to share with you my next technological challenge. In spite of my technically challenged little brain, I had decided (without nearly enough thought) that I would post a slide show to my computer after the Valentine party ended. (That’s one of the problems with a little brain … although my brain tells me that I am technically challenged, there isn’t enough room up there for the common sense that would warn me that I am getting in over my technologically challenged head!) The slide show was much easier to create than I thought it would be (with the exception of the fact that I had added words at the bottom of the photos, and I couldn’t get the words to stay on there long enough to read what it said in some cases). (I only had to call my s-i-l once while I was creating the slide show!!)
After struggling with the video for a long time, I decided I needed to try to get it on a draft of a blog post, so I could make sure it was going to work. I started out by trying to post it in Live Writer ..cause you know I Red heart Live Writer (really, I do). It looked like posting the video to Live Writer might be a problem (or at least, I was too technically challenged to do it ).
MOS umbrla lantnrs fan glass
Since I had already typed some chatter on the post, I went ahead and saved it to my Blogger Dashboard, so I could go to Blogger to try to post the slide show. (Are you still with me?) Okay, it was Sunday night, and I got the video to post to my Blogger Dashboard, and IT ACTUALLY WORKED!
I was just so pleased with my accomplishment when I went to bed Sunday night. I knew that all I would have to do on Monday evening is click “Publish” in blogger, and my slide show would be on my blog, and hopefully, it would still work!
PARADE On Monday, I published it, and I watched the entire video and IT WORKED! I HAD DONE IT! You folks who publish videos on your blogs all of the time cannot imagine how thrilled I was to have accomplished this little technological feat!
Hours had passed before I realized that blog rolls had displayed my new post a day before I published it. It took me another hour to figure out that, apparently, when I published the draft to my Blogger Dashboard, it showed up as a new post on blog rolls! So, if you came to my blog Sunday or Monday, expecting to see a post entitled “You Are The Sunshine of my Life”, and instead found the same “Celebrating Luv” post you’d already visited, I apologize. I had no idea that when I posted the draft to Blogger, it would immediately show up on blog rolls as posted! “You are the Sunshine..” is there now, so pleeeease scroll down to my previous post to watch my video, cause a lot of sweat, and almost tears, went into the posting of this slide show!
I’m linking to Tablescape Thursday, hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch
and to Seasonal Sundays at The Tablescaper.
Whew! You know when you wind me up, I just can’t stop “chatting” until I’ve finished saying what’s on my mind (what little there is of it). Thanks for putting up with all of this chatter, and thanks for visiting my pitiful tablescapes. I hope to have better posts in the future. (We can always hope, right?) laurie