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Monday, January 18, 2010


I'm joining Tabletop Tuesday at Grits and Glamour. Don't y'all think Barb's Tabletop button is so pretty? Well, that's the way her whole blog looks, so if you haven't been to Grits and Glamour, do yourself a favor, and go see it.

Recently, The Nester did a post about not lining accessories up like a parade. I'm afraid I'm guilty as charged. would think I would not post an accessory parade on my blog. But noooo, I just had to go post it. I tried to change it around so that it didn't look like a parade anymore, but I just couldn't do it. This parade marches across two of the shelves in our family room.

If you've been here before, I'm sure you realize that I am not a suave and savvy decorator. You probably already know my dirty little secret ... I like cutesy! I don't want to like it, but I can't stop myself. I'd much rather be suave and savvy. I have diagnosed this illness I have (I'm talking about the "cutesy" illness) as being the result of having been adopted when I was a toddler. I don't have any baby pictures or baby china, so when I go to estate sales, I just have to get some of that cutesy baby stuff to make up for not having my own! That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. (At least I don't bring home other people's baby pictures. I might some day though, if I see a reeeeely cute baby--then I can tell everybody that I was a cute baby!)

Having made my excuse, by telling you that I don't have any of my own childhood china, I have to tell you that the Hopalong Cassidy and Davy Crockett mugs were mine! (Yes, I wanted to grow up to be a cowgirl.) (For those of you who are younguns', I'll tell you that Hopalong Cassidy was a cowboy television show back in the olden days-when I was a youngun'). All of the rest of my parade are items I purchased at estate sales.

I just love this little girl and boy - so smitten with each other that they don't realize she is pouring the milk onto the ground.
Mary Had a Little Lamb mug.

Little Jack Horner child's tea set

Since this plate had a baby AND a dog, I had to buy it.

Another that I "had to" purchase, because it has a bunny and a dog

A Buster Brown advertisement plate. Another lesson for the younguns'...Buster Brown was a brand of children's shoes. Until I was a tween, I didn't know there was another brand of shoes - heck! there may not have been another brand of children's shoes until then! I had to wear bulky corrective shoes until I was in the fourth grade, so I coveted the cute Buster Brown shoes that other children wore. (Now I'm making an excuse for buying the Buster Brown plate. Obviously, I "had" to buy it to make up for being deprived of those cute shoes for years! I'm just full of good[?] excuses!)

I'm sure when you go get links for Tabletop Tuesday at Grits and Glamour, you won't find any other parades-just beautiful vignettes. Thank you for coming to my parade today. laurie