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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


 One of my granddaughters turned seven on Sunday.  She and her sister will be having a big party in a few weeks to celebrate both of their birthdays, so I had a family birthday party for her on Sunday.  When asked what she wanted for her birthday dinner, she shouted “hot dogs”!  (The menu is so easy at that age!)  I served hot dogs and chili before the cake and ice cream. 

full tbl

 Is there a rule about limiting the number of patterns and colors on a table?  Obviously, you can’t ask me that question!  The children’s table had almost every color and pattern known to man on the table!

patrn mos

 Yes, those are price sticker dots on the white paper plate.  I covered the paper plate with a glass plate, so the dots wouldn’t get stuck on the bottom of somebody’s food.  I’d hate to be responsible for one of my grandchildren eating a dot.  I served their chili in the polka dot mugs.

place stg

npkn rng

dot mos

No, the cake isn’t under that cake keeper.  (If I put the cake on the children’s table while they were eating dinner, I’m afraid their tummies would never get the chili and hot dogs.  And although that’s not a healthy meal, it IS a little healthier than having cake and ice cream for dinner.

cake cover

 So, I put the condiments in a child’s tea set and hid them under the cake cover until it was time to spread mustard, ketchup (yes ketchup!), relish, and shredded cheese on their hot dogs.

tea set

I hope Susan doesn’t delete my link to Tablescape Thursday, because I posted a children’s table with absolutely NOTHING matching.  To see beautiful, matching tablescapes, please follow the links at Between Naps on the Porch.


[Napkin rings and cake keeper} gifts from my friend, Susie; Child’s Tea Set} A gift from my sister-in-love, Brenda; Chargers are my patriotic plates that you’ve seen before (the patriotic part doesn’t show when I put a plate on top); That’s all folks!]

 I love to have visitors to my blog – especially when they leave comments to let me know they were here. I hope all of the colors and patterns on this tablescape didn’t blind anyone! 

I’ll have the link-up gadget here on Friday evening for Favorite Things Saturday, and I’d love for you to join us.  laurie