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Sunday, September 27, 2009


I am linking to Mosaic Monday at Little Red House. Please go visit Mary for links to mosaics.

If you have been following 12 year-old Andrew's medical problems on his mother's blog, Bella Mella, I thought you might want to send him a card. Andrew has had two surgeries for a brain tumor within the last month.

You have probably read on Debbie's blog (Amy's mother) (There's An Angel on my Front Porch) or Amy's Aunt Sherry's blog (Country Wings In Phoenix) about how all of you wonderful bloggers have responded to the request for cards for Amy.

Since y'all have been so wonderful about responding to the card request for Amy, I wanted to ask you to please consider mailing one to Andrew also. Melanie (Andrew's mother) does not have a P.O. Box, so to keep from publishing their home address, I will be forwarding packages of cards to him and to Melanie if you want to send one to her. Please mail cards to:

c/o Laurie
P.O. Box 443
Blytheville, AR 72316.

I will not be opening the cards. I'll simply place the addressed cards into a large envelope and mail them. I will keep mailing them as long as you keep sending them. Please continue sending cards to Amy too (see my sidebar for information about the address for Amy). Thank you so much for being such kind and generous people. laurie

P.S.: I really AM on a little blog break, but I obviously can't stay quiet for long (Did you notice that my break lasted about one day?) I just wanted to post this, and then... I AM on blog break for a little while.

(Rebus translation: I'm still on break. Just can't keep my mouth or keyboard quiet for long.)