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Monday, April 15, 2013


Ya’ll know me better than some of my long-time friends!  I should be embarrassed, but instead I’m laughing about how well you know me.  I previously posted about an estate sale I had attended.  I think only one person, who commented on that post, asked if I had bought anything at the sale.  Everybody else, who commented on that post, asked what I had bought at the sale!  Of course, you were correct.  So without further chatter, I’ll show you what I bought.


Di at Cottage Wishes spotted this trophy right away and commented about it.  Di, I spotted it right away too.  As I said in that post, everything was way too expensive the first day of the sale.  I thought they would reduce the prices by 50% on the second day of the sale, because they weren’t moving much out of there on Saturday.  However, they only took 30% off on Sunday.  The trophy is the only thing I bought on Sunday.  Right now, it is living on top of the piano in the study, with a spray of faux flowers “growing” out of it.


It was difficult to photograph the engraving on the trophy, because of glare and reflection.  (I usually don’t have that problem with silver – maybe because all of my silver is tarnished!)  “AAA Dist. 4 Literary Sweepstakes, 1928”.  I can now brag about some brilliant relative in the family who won the 1928 Literary Sweepstakes (whatever that was).  I’m going to brag that my grandfather was a writer, and he won it!  I wanted to wait to see if it was marked down 50% on Monday, but I was afraid it would be gone.  So, I paid more than I would have liked for it.  My price was $30.00.


On Monday, some of the items were still only reduced 30% (items that people had left bids on).  Other items were between 50 and 60% off the original price.  Since this jardinière (is that what you’d call this?), filled with silk feathers and twigs, was 60% off, I bought it.


I had it on the floor in the sunroom, but I put it on this table in the study to photograph it.  I was surprised that I liked it on this table, and it may just stay there awhile.  Of course, the feathers are touching my chandelier, and I’m not sure if that is very attractive.  I paid $25.00 for this.


Sarah, Hyacinths for the Soul (in her comment on the previous post, she admired the blue and white pieces), I did get one piece of blue and white.  I loved all of it, but I selected this box, because it was the only one marked 60% off on Monday.  I paid $20.00 for it.

All three days of the sale, I admired this table, but it was too expensive at $180.00.

bare table

Okay, I know that you know me well enough to not believe that!  I wanted the topper and cloth that came with this table.  Besides being too expensive, I couldn’t figure out a place to put it in our home.

table cloth

On Saturday night and Sunday night, I wandered around our home looking for a place for the table.  Whew!  I couldn’t find a place.  So… no need to even think about buying it.


Since I couldn’t return to the sale until my lunch hour on Monday, I was sure the table would be gone.  My face fell when I saw it was still there, but it was only 50% off of the original price.  Good thing I didn’t have a place to put it!


I was walking out the door with my purchases when I jokingly said to the estate sale director, “I would have bought that table if it had been $50.00”.  I was shocked to hear him yell, “sold”!  So, that’s how the table ended up coming home with me.  And, as usual, I was able to cram it into a place in our home!

Thanks so much for stopping in to see what I bought.  laurie

While I was preparing this post, I was thinking I would be linking to Table Top Tuesday, but I had forgotten that Marty at A Stroll Thru Life had changed her party from TTT to Inspire Me Tuesday.  I’m not sure there is anything in this post to inspire, but I hope it’s okay for me to link to the party anyway.  I am also linking to Whimsy Wednesday at The NY Melrose Family.