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Monday, February 22, 2010


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Come on in. Sit down. Let’s have some tea. I’m so glad you could join me. I have a tendency to monopolize the conversation, so feel free to interrupt me if I do that. The good thing about chatting via the internet is that nobody interrupts me. The bad thing about chatting via the internet is that nobody interrupts me. I can go on and on and on…! The good thing about reading my chatting on my blog is that you don’t have to “listen” to me go on and on. With one click, you can go to a more entertaining blog.

bee hive tea pot

Does it take my blog a long time to load on your computer? I really like posting big pictures, but I know that might make my blog load more slowly, and I probably don’t post anything that makes it worth the wait.  I don’t know if it is loading more slowly since I began using Live Writer, but I LOVE using Live Writer, so I’m not giving that up!  After I click on a blog, if it’s not loading quickly, I minimize it on my computer and go visit another blog. After I’ve visited another blog, I click on the blog I minimized, and it has usually loaded. If you visit a blog that loads slowly, you might try that. Just a thought.


Is there an Amy Vanderbilt for blogging? How about it, Miss Janice -- Are you writing the blogging etiquette book? Does blogging even require etiquette? If you visit me, does blog etiquette require that I visit your blog? NAPKIN

If I join a weekly blog event or a blog party, does etiquette require that I visit every link listed for that event? I’ve read complaints on some blogs about participants who don’t visit every blog link on the list. I have a full-time job; I occasionally do a little cleaning around the house; and I attempt to visit with my husband, children, and grandchildren when they are around. Some of these events have so many participants, that visiting all of them could turn into a full-time job. Does blog etiquette require that I not join the events if I know I can’t visit each participating blog?

sugr creamer

If I join a blog event, does etiquette require that I leave a comment on the hosting blog? Can my comment just be a thank you for hosting without saying anything about what they posted for the event? If I didn’t comment on the host blogger’s post, I would feel that I had attended a party without telling the hostess how nice their party was. Of course, I've never joined a blog event that the host post wasn't something that I wanted to comment up close

If I win a prize on a blog, does etiquette require that I show that prize on my blog? Of course, if I win a prize, I’m always so excited, I can’t wait to show it on my blog.

tea in cups

If someone says something nice about my blog, or posts a photo from my blog, should I thank them on my blog? I have trouble with this one, because I feel like I am tooting my own horn. I’m not very good at tooting my horn, because I haven't had the opportunity to do that much in my life, and I know that tooting a horn takes practice. Although I am sooooo flattered and honored if someone likes something on my blog enough to post something about it on their blog, I usually do not mention it on my blog. Am I being rude?

tea crooked

Does any of this really matter? I know we Southern gals are kind of into etiquette. Am I just one of those silly Southerners who thinks etiquette is important, no matter where I am or what I’m doing? If there is no book, and if there are no rules, how is a blogger supposed to know the etiquette of blogging? I know that, in our corner of Blogville, etiquette is still alive and well. I just don’t know if there are rules of etiquette, or even if there should be rules of etiquette. I assume that, if I don’t follow the unwritten rules of blog etiquette, I will not have “friends” on my blog. Since I love my blogging friends, I definitely don't want to offend any of them.

Before I end this post, I am going to try to take care of at least one of my lapses in etiquette. I really am so honored that Lady Katherine at Lady Katherine’s Tea Parlor has selected photos from my blog for her “Blog of the Week” twice. Thank you so much Katherine. If you haven’t visited Katherine’s lovely blog, be sure you go see it.

Lady K's Tea Parlor

I am so very honored that Michael at Designs by Gollum had a photo from my blog in her recent newsletter. Thank you so much Michael. I think all of you visit Michael’s blog, but if you don’t receive her newsletter, you really should go over to Designs by Gollum and sign up for it. It is such a treat to open each newsletter and see her beautiful photographs and read what she writes. It’s easy to see why she is a published author.

designs by gol nsltr

Since the name of my blog is “Bargain Hunting AND Chatting”, sometimes I have to be a blabbermouth address the chatting part of my blog title.  I’m afraid I’m one of those people you don’t want to get seated next to on an airplane. I can talk the ears off of an elephant!  Thanks so much for stopping by. I promise if you visit again, I won’t be so chatty! laurie