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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Michael Lee West and her husband came to our little town last night.  They were both so nice and so much fun!  I wish all of you could have come to meet them.  I also wish I had not run out of time to take some photos of the table.  Even though there wasn’t much to the table, if I had taken pictures of my pitiful table, I would have posted them for Tablescape Thursday. 
“Howevah”, I DID get a photo of the best part of the party.
I was going to tell you that the dark-headed beauty on the left was me, but I was afraid Michael Lee might look at my blog and be very offended that I had told people that the old lady on the right was her.  If you want to know why there are faux peaches hanging from a metal tree on the table in front of us, you’ll have to read Michael’s newest book, “Gone With A Handsomer Man”.  It is such a great read.  I couldn’t put it down until I finished it.
Okay, this is supposed to be a Tablescape Thursday post, so I’ll get back on track now.  During the month of April, I’m never at a loss for tablescapes to post.  This is the month when my checkbook feels like it’s Christmas again.  Our family celebrates five birthdays and a wedding anniversary this month.  We celebrated our grandson’s birthday earlier this month.  Yesterday was my son and his wife’s wedding anniversary, and next week, we’ll celebrate our son’s and daughter’s birthdays, which are five days apart.
Today I’m sharing the tables from our most recent celebration-our son-in-law’s and our daughter-in-law’s birthdays, which we celebrated last weekend. It is kind of nice that my children’s spouses have birthdays within a few days of each other, because I can get away with having one birthday dinner for the two of them.  
full tbl 
place stg mos
His and her birthday cupcakes.
cupcake mos
Disposable plastic birthday cups from a previous birthday party (which, of course, I had not disposed of) fit perfectly in my little hurricane candle holders.
flower vase
Grandchildren’s table.
grands tbl
The last time I posted, I told you that I was behind on my blog visiting.  Well now, I’m even further behind!  I just get “behinder and behinder”.  Hopefully I’ll catch up soon. 
I’m joining Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch
You know, every time I post to my blog, I think “this will be the time nobody comes to visit or leaves a comment on my blog”.  I’m always amazed that you sweet, generous folks stop by my little blog for a visit and leave me lovely comments.  Thank you so much!  I hope you’ll come back to link up for Favorite Things on Friday afternoon.  laurie