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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I'm late! It's still Wednesday though! I'm just running a little behind (like 8 hours!). I wasn't going to do an Outdoor Wednesday post, but it is a beautiful day here in Arkansas, and I've been stuck inside the office all day. So, when I came home, I hurried out into the yard to soak up some of that beauty. I found miracles right in my little yard, so I wanted to share them with you. I'm sure you've already seen all of the other Outdoor Wednesday posts, but if you haven't be sure to go to Susan's,
A Southern Daydreamer, and get links
to see all of the beauty.

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you may remember when our street looked like this:

Because of this:

FEMA sent big trucks with big buckets to pick up big limbs:

The big trucks finally picked up the last of the limbs in our yard this week, and slowly the entire town is being cleared of limbs:

But before FEMA workers arrived, somebody else was making good use of those sticks from all of those piles.

The bird who made the nest above used a lot of mud to hold it together. The residents of this nest have already vacated.

The bird, who built this nest in the same Holly tree, piled up little sticks. These residents have also moved out.

Obviously, this nest in the same tree, is still sheltering its residents. These are the eggs of a mother dove.

And now you can see how I know who is nesting on these eggs.

So, trees that looked like this less than two months ago:

Are now looking like this:

Weeping Cherry


The miracles and beauty of God's work! SPRING IS COMING! YEA!
When I went over to Susan's to link to Outdoor Wednesday, she already had her Thursday post up!!! Yes, I'd say I am a little late for that party.
My husband always says "Better late than never" (but only when HE'S running late!), but I'm not so sure that counts in this case. Thanks so much for coming to see me. laurie