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Sunday, April 28, 2013


I’m really stretching it to link this post to Seasonal Sundays.  I’m using the reasoning that Spring is a good time for a ride in a hot air balloon.  The ceiling over our bathtub is supposed to look like clouds in the sky.


Our new chandelier over the tub reminds me of a hot air balloon floating through the sky.


It was hard to get clear photos, because the sun was really shining through those windows.

tb fp

I liked the chandelier that was over the tub before, but I love how whimsical the new chandelier feels.  The photo below was in my previous bathroom post.111[1]

If you read my previous post (years ago) about my bathroom, you’ll already know a little about the window coverings on these windows.  I’m going to repeat the story for those who may be new to my bathroom.


That is a painted window shade in the middle window.  When I bought it from an antique store (marked lower than most plain window shades-probably because nobody else wanted it), I had no place to hang it, but I thought I could find a place.  Five years later, when we moved to a different house, the window shade happened to fit this window.  So, the hot air balloon is flying over what (per The Tablescaper) is Venice, Italy.  The stained glass pieces in the other two windows were found a couple of years after we had moved into this house. My sweetheart and I went to an antique store, only to find that it was closed.  These two stained glass panels were in the window of the store.  I told my husband I thought they would fit on these two windows, and that I wanted to measure the windows over the bathtub and come back some day to measure and price those panels.  My sweetheart only listens to about one-fourth of what I say.  (I can’t really blame him.  I talk a LOT!)  That Christmas, he gifted me with the stained glass windows.  When I opened them,  I asked, “oh, you measured, and they will fit?”  He said, “no, I thought you told me you knew they would fit!”  Fortunately, they did fit.


We refer to our shower as the cave.  I did not want to have a shower door to clean, so our shower heads are far enough into the shower that we don’t need a shower door.


Our bathroom is filled with faux views.  This is another “window” hanging in our bathroom.  We have around the world views from our bathroom windows!

faux wndw

Thanks so much for reading my blog.  laurie

I’m linking to Seasonal Sundays at The Tablescaper, and since I have a new chandelier, I’m linking to Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Weeks ago, when I posted some pictures of my master bedroom, I told ya'll that I had used the former living room for the master bedroom. A commenter (and I'm so sorry I can't remember who) asked what we did about the master bathroom, since there would not have been one in proximity to the living room. We were fortunate that there was a bedroom with a small bath next to the living room, so we converted the bedroom and bath into a master bathroom. It has taken me awhile to work up the courage to post pictures of the master bathroom. For some reason, it is a complete departure from the way I normally decorate a room (if you can call what I do decorating). No, that doesn't mean that there isn't a lot of clutter in the bathroom.
Before we moved into this house, we had never had a real master bathroom. I had envied other people's beautiful master suites for so long. This was really exciting for me, and I got carried away with thoughts of a gorgeous master bathroom. In my head, I was thinking "classy", but having never done "classy", I just couldn't pull it off. I think in order to "do" classy, you have to BE classy, and unfortunately, I'm not. We love our master bathroom, because it has everything we always wanted in a master bathroom, and I've kind of just quit worrying about what it looks like! (I know, you thought I didn't worry about what any of my house looks like-you're right, I don't really worry about it - until I start posting it on my blog for anyone to come see).

As I've said before, if a blogging friend asks me to do something, I'm going to try to oblige. (Yeah, my mother used to say "if one of your friends asked you to jump into the river in December, would you jump?" Yes Mother, I'm afraid I might!) Since the master bathroom consists of 3 rooms (I told ya I got carried away!), I've never really known how to refer to the rooms, but we usually refer to the the room with the tub and shower as the bathing room, and the other two are the "his" and "her" bathrooms.

Formerly, in the hallway behind what was originally the living room, there was a linen closet with double doors (did you get all of that?). We took out the linen closet and used the double doors as the entrance to our bedroom. We did add a door in the hallway that can be closed to seclude the master suite from the rest of the house.

I bought the painted window shade at a flea market years ago and never used it. When we moved into this house, I was determined to use it, so it went in the center window over the tub. I wanted to hide the top of the shade, but I thought that I had enough confusion going on with this window, and I didn't want more clutter (yes, sometimes the clutter even gets to me), and I thought a valance would add clutter. I had bought a big bundle of this long brown fringe trim one time in a sale bin at the fabric store. I had never used any of it either. I wrapped a curtain rod with fabric and hot glued the fringe to the fabric, and used it as a valance on the window.

Yes, my curtains are hanging with the back showing. After buying them at a "no returns" closeout sale, they just seemed too bright, so I reversed them. (I know, you can't get much more tacky than hanging curtains with the wrong side showing!)

Several years ago, my husband and I stopped at an antique store, only to find that it was closed. In the window were some stained glass windows, and I remarked that I'd like to come back some time and measure and price those windows, because I thought they might fit on the two windows over our tub. I was shocked when I received them for Christmas that year. When I asked him if he had measured the windows over the tub, he said that he didn't remember that I had mentioned needing to measure before buying them! Fortunately, they fit! The "shadow" pictures belonged to my grandmother. I think they are called "reverse painting on glass".

We have a retirement villge in ouir little town. When someone moves there, they always have too much for their new little house. The word has spread that if a quilt is not moving into the house with somebody, they should call my husband, and he will usually buy their quilt. My husband became a quilt collector after years of rolling his eyes when I bought an old quilt. I'm not sure when we reversed our quilt attitudes, but now HE wants to buy quilts, and I (having run out of room to display or store them, and having seen the price of them skyrocket) am kind of over the quilt buying. This quilt came from one of the retirement village residents, and it was one of those times that I was thrilled that my husband had bought another quilt.

When we were remodeling this house, we went to an out-of-town wedding. An hour before the wedding, we spotted a store that sold kitchen and bathroom sinks. We thought we'd just go in and kill a little time while we were waiting to go to the wedding. The store owner had gotten angry with the Kohler Company, and he had all of his Kohler products marked way down to get rid of them quickly! Within an hour, we had purchased four sinks, loaded them into the car and were on our way to the wedding. This is one of those sinks. I am not a "purple" girl, but if there is a sale that good, I can become a purple girl!

During the remodel, we replaced the windows in the house, because we were concerned about energy loss. Following a LOT of nagging, my husband finally consented to help me back them with pictures and use them in our bathing room and in his bathroom.

I think I have mentioned before that my husband is a wannabe cowboy.

Profound wisdom hangs on the walls of my husband's bathroom! I copied these pages from a book and framed them for his wall.

No, his toilet seat does not look like a saddle, but he would probably love it if it did!

NOTE: In my previous post, I had a picture of cookies shaped like shoes. Several visitors asked about them. I got that picture from the Flour Pot Cookies website (isn't that the cutest name?), and I've never ordered (and I sure have never made) them.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. laurie