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Friday, January 15, 2010


EDITED TO ADD: I did not realize that this sounds like I'm complaining until I started getting comments. I'm not complaining about someone telling me that I need to stop apologizing. They are right! I really am just apologizing for apologizing!

I may make matters worse with this post, but I really am apologizing for apologizing. I recently received a comment from a blogger who told me that I need to quit apologizing for everything. I will not post that commenter's name, simply because I didn't ask her permission to quote her comment. It was not a rude comment, and in fact, it was kind and complimentary.

However, it did make me start thinking about my blog postings, which I don't often do. (I'm afraid if I think about my posts too much, I might quit posting).

I don't know what it was that made me start blogging. I do know that it was NOT because I thought I had some great idea to share. I visit blogs that are produced by decorators and designers, chefs and cooks, writers, artists, crafters, photographers, travelers, and inspirational bloggers with a deep understanding of God and the Bible. Some of these bloggers are professionals, and others say that their talents are just hobbies. I have none of those wonderful talents, and therefore, I really have nothing to share with the blog world. As a matter of fact, several months ago, I received a comment that said "you are just taking up space". Surprisingly, that didn't offend me though. I know that, no matter how little I have to say, I have as much right to have a blog space as anyone else. (I also know that the commenter was correct).

Some of the apologies on my posts are really half-way done in jest (I'm not really looking for a psychiatrist, even if I do need one!) If you have visited my blog more than one time, I'm sure you realize that I am a little short on self-confidence. Feeling that I have nothing worth sharing leads to apologies. (I always think maybe the next post will be worth sharing.) My apologies may also be made in self-defense. (If I tell everyone that I know I have nothing to post, then they can't leave a comment telling me that what I have to say is not interesting.) In all honesty, I do know that I have a problem collecting and keeping "stuff", and I also know that I have a chip on my shoulder about this problem. A lot of my apologies are made, because of this chip on my shoulder.

After reading this recent comment, I realize that my apologies might sound like whining, and that readers might be sick of reading them. I understand that, and I am making a promise now that I will ATTEMPT to stop apologizing. Apologizing is not something I do intentionally. I'm just being honest. I do it in real life too! (Aren't you glad you don't have to put up with that?) Although I'm sure this apology for apologizing will not be my last apology, I AM resolving to TRY to stop apologizing so much. I'm going to let this post serve as my blanket apology for all I have posted and might post in the future.

And guess what I have to do now. I HAVE to APOLOGIZE for this apology for apologizing! (I'm not starting off very well, am I?) PLEASE HELP ME! laurie