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Friday, April 8, 2011



A couple of weeks ago, I posted my fireplace mantel during my minimalist phase. I know you are not surprised that the minimalist phase was short-lived on my mantel, but it’s not my fault! The Tablescaper left a comment telling me to get out some Easter bunnies for my mantel. Well, those bunnies in my holiday closet must have read her comment, because some of my favorite bunnies started hopping out of that closet and onto my mantel, and they brought some of my favorite eggs with them.

MANTEL I know, I go from one extreme to the other ~ minimalist to “clutterist”!


See that pretty little silver bunny couple under the tree? I ordered that last year from Celestina Marie at her Etsy, La Rea Rose.


When I was a child (yes ~ long, long ago), I loved looking at the illustrations in a very old book that belonged to my mother. Don’t be shocked at the condition of this book ~ as a child, I didn’t even think about taking care of this old relic when I was flipping through the pages, and


as I said, it IS old!


Last week, I told you about shopping with my friend, Susie. I found this Easter egg in an antique store, and I had to buy it, because it reminded me of the illustrations in this book. It is currently one of my favorite Easter eggs, and I hope it qualifies me to link to Thrifty Things Friday at The Thrifty Groove.



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The last “segment” of this post (My posts are so long, I have to divide them into segments!), is not a favorite thing, but I did have fun doing it. I accepted the Pringles Grab & Go Challenge, hosted by Liz at Rose Vignettes.

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It is supposed to resemble an Easter basket. I will be “crafting” 3 more of these. The pipe cleaner “handle” is inserted in holes in the plastic lid, and the “basket” decorations are glued to the top of the plastic lid, so that my grandchildren will be able to open the cans to find treats inside for Easter Day. Thanks for challenging me to do something with a Pringles can, Liz!
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I’m also joining The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sundays.


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