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Sunday, January 31, 2010


I'm linking this post to Silver Sunday, hosted by Gypsy Fish.

You may be curious about the title of my post. I guess I should have said "the piece of silver that changed the course of MY history", but I was afraid nobody would be interested enough to come read my post if they thought it was all about me. If you've read my blog before, you may recall that I was adopted when I was almost four years old. I guess people don't give silver baby mugs to a 4 year old, so I received a silver goblet.

It was engraved with my name and my birth date. My biological sister, who was adopted with me, received one also. When our adoptive parents got us, we came without birth certificates. Those had to be changed to our new names, and our biological parents names had to be replaced with our adoptive parents names. Our adoptive mother had told her friends our birth dates, so we received gifts with our birth dates engraved on them.

You may be able to see my birth date of September 9 (a great day for births, since Tardevil's new baby was born on September 9th). (You may NOT be able to see the year, since I cleverly photographed it so that the year did not show. I'm pretending that all of you have not figured out that I'm an old lady!) My sister's had the date of September 11 (and the year after my birth year) engraved on hers. For all of our lives, we celebrated both of our birthdays on September 10 (the date between the two birth dates - are you getting confused yet?)

When I was a senior in high school, I went to Europe for a student exchange program. When I went to get my passport, my mother informed me that the birth date on it would be September 11, and the birth date on my sister's would reveal that she was born on September 19. Now I've really confused y'all. Well, it kind of confused me too. Mother said that when our birth certificates arrived in the mail, she realized that she had told her friends the wrong birth dates. Rather than let her friends know that they had given us gifts with incorrect dates on them, she kept the dates as she had originally thought they were. Whew! That was a long story for a small event. But I can tell you, it kind of shook my world to learn that I was not born on the day that I had been celebrating all of my life!

You've heard of a child being born with a silver spoon in her mouth, right? I guess when my parents adopted me, I was too old for a silver baby spoon, so I got a silver toothbrush! (It didn't make my teeth any better though, because now all of my teeth have silver in them! Do you think brushing with a silver toothbrush could do that?)

These two matching pieces of hammered aluminum belonged to my mother. They have a tulip pattern on them, and I've always liked the floral handles, which appear to be Dogwood blossoms.

I know there are collectors of aluminum who always check the bottom of the piece. I know nothing about that, but I'm showing the bottom of the basket in case someone out there is interested in the maker, etc.

I don't know how those candy hearts got in the basket! Be sure you go to Gypsy Fish to get links to all of the silver posts. Thanks for putting up with a post about MY history. laurie