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Thursday, July 29, 2010


fav_thngs_cmbnd_thumb[1][1] Some of my favorite things are lamps and lamp shades.

Some are favorites, because they hold memories for me, like this little girl, who gave me light by my bed when I was growing up...

ltl grl

And this, which is one of a pair that lit my mother’s vanity mirror when I was growing up.

mthrs drsng tbl

I found this lamp at a consignment store years ago.  It is a favorite because I am one of those rooster lovers you’ll find all over Blogville (Don’t forget the SHOW US YOUR ROOSTERS PARTY at BELLA VISTA on August 6th!) 


rooster shade

 You probably already know that I really like Dutch windmills, so this little lamp is a fave too.


 This lamp has hooks, which I can use for extra display space (I can ALWAYS use more display space).  During holidays, it usually displays ornaments appropriate for the holiday.  prisms

It currently displays a piece of costume jewelry that I recently found at an estate sale.

fleur d lis I also have some lamp shades that are favorites – like this watering can shade on a lamp in our sunroom…

wtrg can

 and this vintage shade, which depicts a village and is also in our sunroom.

 inn shde

My newest favorite lamp is this outdoor lamp I found at a moving sale last week.  I’ve been wanting one of these outdoor lamps, but this tightwad bargain hunter just couldn’t make herself shell out close to $200 for one of these lamps.  You can imagine my excitement when I bargained the owner down to $30 for this great outdoor lamp.  I grabbed that lamp (well actually, I tried to grab it – that thing is heavy).  I asked my husband to grab that lamp and get it to the car before she changed her mind.

porchSo now, one of my favorite summertime pleasures is to douse myself with mosquito repellent, and sit in the rocker on our back porch and read a book by lamp light.  Actually, it is not a summertime pleasure to douse myself with mosquito repellent, but unfortunately, in my neck of the woods, it is a summertime necessity.  This is also my contribution to this week’s SUMMER SUNDAYS. Go to THE TABLESCAPER to check out other Summer Sundays contributions.


Thank you for coming to see these little lights of mine (which aren’t easy to photograph. If I turn on the lamp, the photograph has shadows, and if I leave the lamp off, the picture is too dark.).  Please go visit the Favorite Things linkups below.  laurie