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Thursday, January 15, 2009


My mother graduated college in 1926 (remember, I am adopted, so my parents were older than most parents of children my age--Just want to make sure you know that I'm not as old as it sounds to have a mother who graduated college in 1926!). She didn't have scrap booking paper, cute little stick-ons, or instructions, but she did scrapbook. When Bittersweet Punkin posted her darling baby book, it reminded me of mother's scrapbook, so I decided to share a few pages from her 1926 scrapbook (Thanks for the idea Bittersweet Punkin!)

This page is filled with bridge tallies. I have several of her bridge tallies hanging from a lampshade in my study. Aren't the graphics cute?

Graduation congratulations cards

This Halloween party looks like it was fun.

This page contains souveniers from parties she attended. I assume the "How Dry I Am" frog alludes to prohibition.

Souveniers from movies, dances, and card parties.

More graduation cards. The cutout picture was apparently one of her instructors. The tiny book in the upper right-hand corner is a calendar from 1926.

Cute pictures of "the girls" having fun. A number of these women wrote a "round robin" letter (well, some of them may still write it) from the time they graduated college until my mother died in 2000. For you who are too young to know what a "round robin" is (heck, with computers, some of you may not know what a letter is), the letter would be sent from one woman to the other, with each adding to the letter before sending it on. In this picture, my mother is the girl on the left in the front row (with hat). The girl sticking her head between my mother and the other girl on the front row was my mother's BFF.

What daring swim suits (they kind of remind me of those outfits we had to wear in gym class - YUK)! (My mother is the next to the last girl in this picture- remember I was adopted, so no, I didn't have a chance of inheriting her slim figure.) Her best friend is the girl in front of her in the picture. They remained friends and visited often (living only 60 miles apart) until my mother's friend died.

When I think about how much things have changed since then, I also think about how the essence of some things have remained the same. We send email instead of letters. We make scrapbooks "on line". Even party invitations are often sent via email. I'm even thinking that The Muse's word games are similar to a round robin letter.

However, we are still trying to be creative in our party ideas, our scrap booking ideas, and even our emailed letters. Yes, a lot of things have changed for the better, but I'm glad we have not YET let computers completely take over our creativity. I don't want to click on a symbol and have a scrapbook created instantly, or send an invitation that I didn't select, or have an email sent to a friend, without selecting the words that I want to say.

Blogging has become a way for some of us to express our creativity, and also a way to record our history for future generations, just as mother's scrapbook did that for her and for me.

In the future, when my family remarks that I spend too much time on my computer, I'm just going to tell them that I am scrap booking, so that I will be able to leave them with memories, just as my mother left me with her memories in her scrapbook.

Now I'm going to change the subject a little, but it does pertain to creativity (which is NOT one of my strong points). I love having visitors come to my blog, and I love visitors leaving comments. Does it bother my visitors that I do not have a "cute" blog, or that I do not have music on my blog? Since I began visiting blogs, I have diagnosed myself as having Attention Deficit Disorder! Sorry, when I go to your blog, if there is music, I have to turn the volume off, so I can concentrate on what I am reading!

When I began this blog, it really was just going to be a place for me to record my thoughts and memories (and perhaps for my children and grandchildren to read in the future), so I wasn't too concerned about the appearance of the blog. I guess I've just become accustomed to having a very plain blog (I've probably also been lazy about changing it). My eyes are old enough that I also like to have a lot of space for my words, so that I can read them easily. I didn't start out trying to please anyone but me. However, I have loved getting to "know" all of you, so now I want to also please my friends who come to visit! Please feel free to leave your thoughts about your visits to my blog. I know it is not as cute or entertaining as other blogs, and I do want you to keep coming to visit, so if I need to add music, or make it look better, I'm willing to give it a try.

Sorry, I know I'm trying to cover too many subjects today -- just one more short one. To Donna, who signed my guestbook (t.v.): Thanks for stopping in and signing my guestbook. If there is a way for me to personally respond to a guestbook visitor, I don't know how to do it, so I'm answering your question here and hope that you see my response. The "Bless This House" plate on my header is "Fitz and Floyd Town and Country". I received it as a gift. Kristen at Something About Nothing Blog (check my blog list) just told me that she had seen it in a store, so you might check with her, but you can probably find it on line.

Bloggers and Blog Visitors are the greatest! I am still amazed and humbled by the fact that someone else will read my little blog. Thank you so much. laurie