Friday, April 18, 2014


I love to see an old house renovated, especially if it looks like it is likely to be demolished.  Did you see this amazing restoration in Mississippi, shared by COUNTRY LIVING?

one for the history books

What courage and imagination this couple must have!  Apparently, they are not afraid of very hard work either!

The “before” of the living room.

Isn’t the “after” pretty?

Oh my!  If I had been touring this house, I would probably have run out the door (if there was one) when I saw this.


Wow!  With this couple’s vision and hard work, a beautiful staircase and entry were created.

This looks kind of scary, doesn’t it?

Look at these upstairs spaces now!


All of these pictures are from the Country Living site.  Thank you, Country Living, for sharing this, and congratulations to this amazing couple, who had the vision and determination to save this property.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of this transformation.  Have a wonderful Easter weekend.  laurie

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