Thursday, April 24, 2014



Lewis Interiors is a design firm in Boston, Massachusetts.  This week, I am sharing some of my faves from their website.

I really NEED four or five houses.  In our home,  I always gravitate toward traditional and cluttered.  But, I often see designs that make me long for uncluttered and a little bit non-traditional.  This is one of those times. There are traditional elements in the room, but it is so serene with the blue colors and the lack of clutter.  I love that they hung modern art over a very traditional fireplace mantel


I can visualize myself in one of those chairs, with my feet propped on that great ottoman, reading a book.  The blue and white color scheme is so fresh and calming.  I’d probably fall asleep in the chair and never make it to the bed.



Okay, talk about needing more houses to try different décor styles, just look at the difference between the blue and white bedroom, and this room.  I love the formality of this room, contrasted with the bright yellow walls and that bright yellow ottoman!  Can you believe this is in the same house as the blue and white bedroom?  Maybe I need to just decorate each room in our home in a different style.



Another serene, blue and white bedroom.  That fireplace mantel is gorgeous.  I’d be a little worried about me (and especially my sweetheart) waking in the night and bumping our heads on that chandelier.


This looks like a four seasons room.  I love the fun color mixture, and what a wonderful place to dine.  Outdoor dining without ants, mosquitoes, or other critters. 


I’ve always been a sucker for bunk rooms.  This very small room has been packed with usefulness.   Six beds, all with little curtains that can be closed for privacy; drawers under the beds for storage; a little light for each bed, so the occupant can read; and two great chairs and an ottoman to use when you’re not sleeping.



I’m also a sucker for banquettes.  I love the windows and the use of the roman shades, and isn’t that oval table great?


An elegant bathroom with every amenity. Who could ask for more??

I hope you were inspired by some of my faves.  Have a great weekend.  laurie

I’m partying  at Katherine’s Corner for Thursday Favorite Things.


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CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Laurie, These pics are all inspiring. I love the soft aqua color in the first for spring. I have brought a touch of light aqua in accents for a beachy style in my sitting room.
Great four season room too.
The black and white for the bunk beds looks like a boat cabin.
Thanks for sharing your favs this week. Have a great weekend my friend.

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

Great selections! I always wanted to do a banquet in my kitchen nook. I like that oval table- very unique and stylish!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

That bathroom is to die for and so is that bunk bedroom. How pretty.

Marigene said...

That first picture has me drooling...such a beautiful serene room.
Have a wonderful weekend, Laurie.

Sarah said...

Inspiring photos. Wouldn't your grands have fun with sleep overs in a bunk room like this one?
Happy Weekend!

BECKY said...

Oh, I love this first room. I LOVE turquoise furniture and décor. When may I move in?! :)

Candy S said...

I am loving the pale aqua living room. The soft colors are wonderful.. I am thinking of doing my family room as a garden room and the white and aqua would be perfect colors to use for a light and airy feel. I book marked the picture for future reference.