Thursday, April 10, 2014



Ribbon Egg


Y’all know I’m not a crafty person.  But, I like to pretend that I’m crafty (or that I’m going to get crafty) by saving wonderful do it yourself ideas.  Today I’m sharing some do-it-yourself Easter ideas.



Aren’t these peat pot Easter baskets sweet?


Make a Burlap Bunny Table Runner for Easter - with FREE graphic for stencil!


I love the fluffy tails on the bunnies on this table runner.


Using temporary tattoos on eggs seems easy enough for even me.  I put temporary tattoos on my grandchildren all of the time – and they are usually impatient and trying to lift the paper before I’m finished.  At least a boiled egg wouldn’t be doing that.


I love the unconventional use of colors in this display.


Even if I had a wonderful antique grain scoop, I would never be able to get it to look this pretty.

Decorate Easter Eggs with Temporary Tattoos... So pretty and elegant!  via  #Easter


More temporary tattoos, and these would be even easier than the eggs from Country Living.  The tattoos from Country Living were crafted, but these tattoos were ordered from Amazon.  Aren’t they pretty?


What a great Easter banner.  Debbie has it hanging on her front door.  I want one, but I’m afraid I’d need to develop some real craft skills to make this. 

Sadly, I wasn’t born with the craft gene, but, as you know, Friday Faves at Bargain Decorating with Laurie is always about dreams.  I’m such an optimist that I keep dreaming that the craft skills will magically be added to my genes any day.  I’m sure not holding my breath though.  Thank you for coming to see my Friday Faves.  laurie  

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Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

I'm a bit like you Laurie. I enjoy these crafty ideas I see but it's not my forte'. My attempts usually look like a class project from 2nd grade! LOL. I will feel successful to boil some eggs and not break too many! I like the transfer idea - that's a great way to decorate the eggs! Have a great weekend!

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Laurie, Love all these great ideas for crafty fun. I've used the peat pots and the table runner. Love the egg transfers too.
Thank you for sharing.
Have a great weekend.
Enjoy our great weather.
Sending hugs

Art and Sand said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I have been so busy that I have not had time to think about Easter or spring decor until this week. Now I have to go out and find 4 fun baskets for my adult children and their significant others.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

I love it all, now that I have a new great-grandson, I am going to have to get back into gear and decorate and do a basket. Fun, fun, fun.

Angelique Ouellette-Tower said...

I just love that woven ribbon egg!! I found your lovely blog on the Thursday Favorite Things bloghop.
PS – I'd also like to invite you to “The Great Blog Train” (blog hop) –we'd love to have you hop on board The Destination this month is the Adirondacks! Thank you! Great Blog Train

Sarah said...

Cute ideas, Laurie. I'm not crafty either. ;-)

Kathleen said...

I love them all, and would have pinned them, and then NOT make it! So many good ideas, so little time!
I do have plans for a three tiered basket time thing from PB my friend gave me when she was moving last Fall. She didn't want it, and I said, oh yes, I can do something for Easter with it! Oh gee, it is next week! :)

Deb said...

Hi Laurie - just popping by. Love some of these Easter ideas and especially the adorable table-runner. Thanks for sharing. Deb

Candy S said...

Great picks Laurie. I wanted to make the little peat pot baskets and still may get a few made up (I have been working on taxes this week). Have a wonderful Blessed Easter.

Rattlebridge Farm said...

Wonderful ideas, Laurie. I hope to be crafty in my next life!

The Tablescaper said...

Those are some wonderful ideas. Now to incorporate them into our own.

Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

- Alma, The Tablescaper said...

Wonderful ideas and the tattooed eggs.

mamas*little*treasures said...

Thanks for sharing your creative ideas for Easter! Stopping by from the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop at Katherine's Corner - hope to see you again this week at the hop! Have a wonderful Easter celebration. Nina @ mamas*little*treasures